The Haunting of Sunshine House

The Haunting of Sunshine House Summary

Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?

Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.   

And its residents are dying…in droves.

Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.  

The Haunting of Sunshine House is the first book in a creepy new Supernatural Suspense series that will have your spine tingling. If you like Darcy Coates, Amy Cross or Bill Thompson, then you’ll love The Haunting of Sunshine House by Dominika Best.

Buy yourself a copy, grab a hot cocoa and turn down the lights. You’re in for a thrilling ride with Sara Caine in The Haunting of Sunshine House. 

Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.


Where did your interest in ghost stories come from?

When I was young and living in Poland, I lived next door to an old cemetery. It had been a Jewish Cemetery before World War II, and had been gated since 1945. No one had been inside in all those years, my child brain imagined. Our apartment was on the eleventh floor and I could see through the dense trees down to the half-buried tombstones. I convinced myself I had seen several ghosts wandering there at night. My fascination with all things supernatural grew from there. 

Is that the reason history plays such an important part in this series as well?

Yes, absolutely. The ghosts of World War II were everywhere in Poland. You couldn’t escape that dark history. I’ve had a life-long fascination with that time period especially since the tendrils of the horrors still penetrate our modern times. Los Angeles also features prominently in this series. It is called Ghosts of Los Angeles after all. One of the reasons, I loved setting these books in Los Angeles is because of how steeped in history this city is. A different type of history, of course, but one that is stamped on the facades of the city. It’s wild to watch an old silent film and see the downtown streets and buildings prominently featured from that era. The ghosts of all the celluloid stars wander the streets here. On Rudolf Valentino’s birthday, the Hollywood Forever cemetery hosted a live viewing of one of his films on the side of his mausoleum. They had asked the last living organist from that time period to come and accompany that film. Only in Los Angeles. 

What made you choose a psychic to be the main character in this series?

As I was researching this book, I came across stories of Bess Houdini. She held seances on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel on every Halloween night for 10 years, trying to contact her husband Harry Houdini. I loved that intersection of the supernatural and the famous. I also met some psychics here that were the coolest ladies. They gave me some help in correctly writing about their world. 

Who would like this novel?

Anyone who loves a good mystery, wrapped in a creepy ghost story. Some good scares, and some familiar names making cameos.

Book Reviews


Didn’t like2 star

I wasn’t crazy about this book. I saw many grammatical errors and the storyline was not scary nor thrilling. The ending just kind enough of left you still in suspense.25


The Haunting of Sunshine House5 star

Good book would read the next. Thanks k55


Couldn’t really get into the book3 star

Just wasn’t for me .35

Marla Mysteries

The Haunting of Sunshine House5 star

I loved it! For a paranormal story, it was actually very good & had a decent plot & well written.55


Decent easy read3 star

It was an easy read. Not too suspenseful.35


Good story4 star

Good story. It would have been nice if there was a conclusion, though. Was Sara okay? Did Murphy keep her job? Were the victims honored? Did anybody solve the haunting at the elderly home? I guess I have to answer those questions on my own.45


Exciting Straight to th End5 star

This book held my attention for the entirety of it. I wasn’t able to guess “who dunnit” until the very end. Was it this character or that one? I found it to be suspenseful and exciting. One thing I always have a problem with is my thinking “oh come on! THAT wouldn’t happen in real life!” Most of the book was true to real life experiences. I would’ve enjoyed learning more about the history of Nurse Lou & Dads. I feel the author touched some of it but I was left wondering how, why, when. I truly enjoyed this book so much that I’m buying the others in the series!55


Not worth your time2 star

Edited well. Interesting story line. I would skip this one. Plot line was discombobulated to say the least. It’s as if she started to tell the story and suddenly fell apart. Failure to complete the characters and their roles. But, hey, at least this one was free. Maybe she can do a better job in the future.25

Heather d b

Really great read5 star

I thought this was a great read. From start to finish I was pulled into the story. The story has a great flow and is well written. A paranormal mystery that takes place in an assisted living home. I had a hard time putting the book down and would recommend reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Haunting1 star

Disjointed, almost painful to read. One dimensional characters, meandering plot and just plain weird. Many spelling and grammar errors. It was free yet I still feel ripped off.15

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