Golf Instruction Summary

Golf Instruction Summary Summary

Amateur golfers are usually advised to have some lessons from a golf professional before any bad habits have become ingrained. This is good advice but it can be expensive. Amateurs would also like to improve their golf faster by learning from golf books and magazines. However, they soon find that they have to wade through so much palaver and padding to find a few take home points, that it is not an efficient use of their time. In this eBook, the author has done the wading for you and, concisely, presents the residual take home gems for you to use. He also gives clear advice on golf practice, much of which can be done at home.
It is all clearly laid out with an hyperlinked Table of Contents for immediate navigation to items of interest.
If you are pleased when you break 100 in a round of 18 holes and if you can occasionally break 90, then follow the advice in this little eBook and, if you are of average fitness, you will break 80 in less than six months.

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