Blackbird #1

Blackbird #1 Summary

An all-new ongoing series from fan-favorite writer SAM HUMPHRIES (Harley Quinn, Nightwing) and red-hot artist JEN BARTEL! In this neo-noir fantasy, Nina Rodriguez is positive that a secret magic world ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just beneath the veneer of Los Angeles. The problem: everyone thinks she’s crazy. The bigger problem: she’s not crazy—she’s right. Can she unravel the mystery before the Great Beast catches up with her?

Book Reviews


Okay5 star

It ok55


Good Book!4 star

Don’t like the cussing though :/45


This is a great book for 13+ girls. Though it does have some cussing it was overall a great book.5 star

I don’t love how much cussing there was, I think they could’ve cut back on that a little more on it.55

Anselm kiefer

My daughter loves this story5 star

Great story and well developed characters. Keep up the good work. We enjoyed it very much.55


Gorgeous art. Subpar story.4 star

I’m in love with the art and character design. But the story is just alright. The dialogue feels like it’s the author’s first time writing conversations between characters.45


Meh3 star

Beautiful artwork, but the story reads like an angry 12-year-old wrote it.35


Amazing!5 star

Really good, Super colorful and easy to understand and just first comic I’ve read in years that I have enjoyed!55


It was smooth..5 star

I loved it.. looking forward for more.55

Angeline savard

Amazing5 star

It was so good and I am a geek it was a good magic and exiting 😀❤️55

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