Nineteen & Twenty-one Episode 1

Nineteen & Twenty-one Episode 1 Summary

A 19-year-old boy, Dong-hui, who still wants to stay as a kid.
A 21-year-old girl, Yuni, who became an adult still doesn't feel like one.
They met each other through street cats and share their precious things.
Beautiful illustration and their sweet love story will make you

Book Reviews


The best5 star

I loved it and I love comics I just wish we son have to pay well I love this book thanks for making it also I love cat’s 🐱!!!55


Really good book5 star

I liked this book a lot. It was a very fun read, and it was also very meaningful.55

a review that is okay

Nice calming manga5 star

This was a nice manga to read when I was bored however it’s pretty short so I would recommend to take my time with this book and I could recommend this to ages 9+55


Beautiful or 이뻐5 star

The story beautiful tragic feeling but calming. The art is amazing and the story has me hooked. I can relate to the main character and now I want to read the next one 🥰.55


WOW 🤩5 star

So good 😊 I want to read more but not free which is upsetting but love the book and this deserves 5 stars ⭐️ Wish I could give more55


Perfection5 star

Beautiful loving manga since say 1 ❤️55


Soooo goooood5 star

I was looking for manga blocks when I came across this book. When I read it 4 the 1st time I was like OMG THIS IS SOOO GOOD!! I’m looking forward 2 getting book No. 2!!55


Holy crap5 star

The plot was great, the art fantastic, the characters sweet and deep. 10/10 would recommend.55


Enjoyed5 star

This seems really interesting so far! Can’t wish to read more😁55


Love it!5 star

Seriously, I love this. It's amazing and I'm pretty sure anybody will. I wish the rest was free tho55

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