Murder on the Mind

Murder on the Mind Summary

Jeff Resnick wasn't supposed to know about the man hung up to bleed out.

After insurance investigator Jeff Resnick is viciously mugged, he discovers the resulting brain injury has left him able to sense people’s secrets. When his estranged half-brother, Richard, takes Jeff to the family home to recover, Jeff’s senses pick up clues to the recent vicious murder of a local banker. Despite Jeff’s mixed feelings about his new sixth sense, he feels compelled to explore the banker’s murder--using both his senses and his investigative skills, along with Richard’s reluctant help. Against the gritty setting of wintry Buffalo, NY, and a tormented family history of his own, unraveling the truth threatens Jeff’s--and Richard’s--life.

Book Reviews

Harsheel S

Nice read with a good story5 star

It was a nice read. Liked the story and flow in the book.55

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Murder on the Mind5 star

Exciting & different. I loved the main character, Jeff. Plan on reading more from this author and this series.55


Great book!!5 star

It was awesome read! Everything was so well written.55


I love it5 star

Great book55

Shadetree carpenter

Murder on the Mind5 star

While it took six or seven weeks calendar time to read the actual time was much shorter. I went maybe a month without reading and within two pages totally recalled what I was reading. The book held me in suspense and even though I had to stop reading due to other obligations that last two hundred pages went quickly. I will probably read more L.L.Bartlett books.55

Ellie AM

Awesome5 star

Awesome is the only way to describe this book. The story keeps you hooked from the very beginning. The characters are believable and you can not help getting caught up in their lives and the mystery. I can only say it left me wanting more!55

Papa to four

Murder who dun it5 star

Well written book an was easy to read with just enough twists and characters to make it great55


Murder on the Mind5 star

Really enjoyed reading your book. It seemed to fly by and I loved the charters. Thanks K55

Bulldog Drumond

Murder on the Mind4 star

I’ve downloaded a bunch of books from Book Bub. Whenever I finish reading one. In skim trough a few pages of a few I haven’t read to find one that might be interesting. I look for something different that pulls me into the story. This one definitely did that.45

Clean romancer

Murder on the mind5 star

Well done. Couldn't put it down.55

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