Saving the Truth

Saving the Truth Summary

PI Jackson Stone balked at responding to the flashing red light on the office phone.

If he doesn't answer the phone, he could completely immerse himself in his late-night rendezvous with one of the most sought-after women in town.

But, if he does answer. . .

There's a dead body at the Blue Moon Jazz Club. Not just any body, but Candy Lane, the headliner for the club and the subject of his late-night rendezvous.

Regardless of the personal connection, Salvatore "Sam" Sebastiano, the owner of the club leaves explicit orders for Stone: Clear the police from his establishment and find the killer.

Right from the start the deck is stacked against him. Stone's trained eyes bear witness to a sterile crime scene. Someone tampered with the body and the surrounding room, raising more questions than Stone can answer.

To make matters worse, Candy Lane was a woman without a past and Sam refuses to lift the shroud of mystery hanging over her life.

The investigation is blown wide open with the drama of a suicide in the park. Stone works to pull the fragmented clues together to solve the multi-layered case.

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