15 Ab Exercises You Have Never Done But Should

15 Ab Exercises You Have Never Done But Should Summary

15 Ab Exercises You Have Never Done But Should

A no fluff, video exercise guide to six pack abs for the guy and gal. 

Performed by Arnel Ricafranca.
Part of the Workout Series line of eBooks.

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I truly believe in the saying “a photo is worth 1,000 words.”  Even better, videos tend to be 30 frames a second, which means every second of video is worth 30,000 words.  Lucky for you, the majority of this book are videos.

All 15 abdominal body weight exercises are geared to workout your entire core to help you lose belly fat and sculpt your six pack abs. I engineered this book to be no fluff, straight to the point exercises with video and my coaching points.

Download it. This is weight loss at your fingertips.  Lose weight now and do these!
* 15 Ab Exercise Videos
* Coached by Abs Expert Arnel Ricafranca
* Exercises targets your abdominals, obliques, lower lumbar, pretty much your entire core
* It's free. No excuses. Enjoy!

Book Reviews

Phillip Smith Actual

Clear, Concise and Good!5 star

Clear explanations & examples! Concise explanations & examples! Good explanations & examples! No fluff! Great resource!55

Michigan apple

Workout series 15 abs5 star

Very clear in explanations I’ve never seen such a straightforward exercisebook!!55


Omg5 star

Hi I’m a kid and now I have a 6pack because this one book55


Excellent abs exercises that can be done at home.5 star

Great abs exercises. The videos are self explanatory of the exercises titles, something that other coaches missed when writing books. Very nice and well done book with videos, concise and to the point. Thank you!55


Simple5 star

Couldn’t be better, simple, effective and he does a really good job in allowing you to quickly review each and go on. I’m no 6 pack but I’ve incorporated 5 of these into my daily routines and quickly go back change to another 5 after a few weeks. Quick and Nimble!55

big billy 65

Ab work out5 star

Going to hurt tomorrow. Thanks55


Abs5 star

Great illustrations55


good3 star

good free book35


Great resource!5 star

Appreciate the demonstration and tips!55


Great exercises for abs5 star

I thought the exercises were challenging and really worked the core abdominal(which is excellent for people with acute back issues) however I was not happy with the link to the other metabolic increasing tips. Sad face.55

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