31 Perfect Fitness Smoothies

31 Perfect Fitness Smoothies Summary

31 Perfect Fitness Smoothies

9 Energy Boosting Recipes to add variety to your morning caffeine / energy drink or pre workout supplement
13 Metabolic Accelerating Recipes for all day fat burning smoothie on the go
9 Recovery Enhancing Recipes to replace your post workout shakes
31 Total Smoothie Recipes that are as easy as 1-2-3

All 31 unique smoothie recipes were designed for:

* Increased energy
* Increasing fruits and veggie intake
* Faster recovery from being worn out
* Faster than cooking
* And taste great!!!

Book Reviews

Norie Mar

Excellent recipes5 star

Thank you I will try most of these.55



This is a book written to sell a cheap protein powder DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!15


It wa shrjrjhdfbbdjnfhj5 star



Nasty1 star

This book was a waste of my time the titles sounded great "strawberry dream cream" that sounds really good but the ingredients have vegetables in it like avacados the book is terrible and the recipes are nasty . I HIGHLY RECOMEND THAT YOU DONT READ THIS BOOK!15


Hey5 star

Omg this book is awsome55


thanks4 star

thanks for sharing some awesome smoothies.45


Advertisement for protein1 star

This is basically an advertisement for her brand of protein and each smoothie contains large doses of caffeine15


Trigirl20114 star

Can't wait to try these smoothies, new year new me45

Spartan May

Good book, haven't tried to make the smoothies yet though4 star

Found this little dumb moment in here too : “An ounce of espresso alone can pack in as much as 100 mg of caffeine in a single oz.” If its an ounce of espresso, of course it's going to have that much caffeine in one ounce45


Smoothies4 star

The ingredients seem simple. I can't wait to go shopping so I can try some of these smoothies.45

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