A Beginner’s Guide to Desert Survival Skills: Knowledge and Skills to Survive in the Desert

A Beginner’s Guide to Desert Survival Skills: Knowledge and Skills to Survive in the Desert Summary

A Beginner’s Guide to Desert Survival Skills
Knowledge and Skills to Survive in the Desert
Table of Contents
Protecting Yourself in a Desert
Low Ground Versus High Ground
Common Sense Survival Tips
Car Breakdown in the Desert
Traveling in a Dust Storm Area
Protective Clothing
Desert Survival Kit
Why a Good Lighter?
Trapping Food in the Desert
Extremely easy Hopi bird snare
Making Slipknots
Making a Slingshot
Author Bio-
I remember seeing Lost in the Desert as a child, and there are just some scenes which I remember. The father of a child lost in the desert believes that his child has survived a plane crash. So he gets millions of leaflets printed and airdropped all over the desert, with survival tips to his son, reassuring him that his father will find him, and all he has to do is survive.
Dirkie and his dog survived – this movie -made by Jamie Uys who then produced the hugely successful The Gods Must Be Crazy – is based on a true story. So the first point is, you need to have a will to survive.
Movies and reality apart, how is it possible for people to survive in the desert, especially in adverse weather conditions for centuries? How is it that people in the Kalahari, in the Sahara or in the Thar desert do not mind living out their lives in such bleak and harsh conditions?
Fortunately, a majority of our 21st century world is still green and does not consist of miles and miles of land with no water and no food in sight. Well there is a slight lack of knowledge here. There is food and water in the desert. It depends on us to know how to get it. This book is going to give you information, especially useful tips and techniques, on how to preserve you and survive in desert conditions, especially when you are on limited food and water supplies.

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