Doctor, Can You Please Fix Me?? God's Manual On Health.

Doctor, Can You Please Fix Me?? God's Manual On Health. Summary

God's manual for health. Because God doesn't want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, God's people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from the bondage of health issues.

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Big DadEs Gurl

Thank you & Praise God5 star

I've found your books during a time of fasting. Thank God, that I have. Upon reading/studying your publications I'm gaining another understanding of what it is I'm searching for. With The Holy Bible (KJV), The Strong's Concordance, Prayer/Meditation & MOST OF ALL "OBEDIENCE" including reading/study of your books as well a few others I've come across. I KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUGHT MY JOURNEY TO & WITH GOD WILL BE GLORIOUS BEYOND MEASURE.. May God Bless You & Your Family. Love, V. Hodge55

Tanah C.

Simple Bottom Line Truth -that sets you free5 star

I was impressed by the simplicity of how all the information was presented. I'm a strong Christian with a good Bible knowledge. I have peace and a strong witness everything discussed in this book is the truth. I agree with the connection of spirit soul and body and effects of emotions and words in our health. This is a good written manual that I would strongly recommend to anybody to help get knowledge of how the spiritual world works or why things happen or why we struggle. Why do bad things happen? We just temporarily live in a fallen work. Thank you for this great read- I strongly recommend it. A++++55


Mixed Review2 star

This book was a very straight forward clear teaching on the physical health affected by spiritual problems. On a positive note it was a very easy to understand book written with a direct to the point style. Use of scripture supported the principles taught. Negatively I found there to be far too many grammatical errors. So many, in fact, that it was distracting to me. I started at one point to make a list!25

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