Kama Sutra in 200 positions

Kama Sutra in 200 positions Summary

We have collected the best positions from the famous book of love and sex, the Kama Sutra.
Discover 200 erotic positions, each one with a photo and a short, sensual commentary. 
Give in to pleasure and passion so you can share truly tender moments with that special someone.

Book Reviews


Terrible1 star

Written as if a 9 year old Indian boy was given an opportunity to make money while he attempts to learn English as he writes it.15

Miss Pulchritude

Duplicate positions throughout the book2 star

Too many repeats25


Diffucult to conplete physically3 star

Lovely aid35

Experienced 1

200 Positions?1 star

This book might have 20 different positions. It claims to have 200 but its the same positions over and over again with different names.15

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