The Effective Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

The Effective Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Summary

The Effective Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

The ketogenic diet offers this premise: eat 60-90% of your calories from fat, adapt to metabolizing fat quickly as energy, gain better appetite control and regulation, and lose weight as your body easily burns fat stores. It sounds like the complete opposite of everything we’ve been told about weight loss for the past few decades, but strong research backs up the science behind the ketogenic diet. As you replace most of the carbohydrates in your diet with fat, major physiological changes occur that make it easier for many people to lose weight. In most cases, they also see lower blood pressure and cholesterol and other health benefits!

This book is a complete guide to beginning the ketogenic diet.

It will teach you about:
Ketogenic DietWho Should Follow the Ketogenic DietKetosisWhat to EatHow to Begin the Ketogenic DietPossible Side Effects5-week Meal PlanOver 90 Delicious and Healthy Recipes
Some of the recipes include:
Chocolate Hazelnut SmoothieGolden Coconut SmoothieAnti-Inflammatory Spice SmoothieCoconut Almond PorridgePeanut SauceScrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and BrieSalmon Salad with Rich Balsamic DressingCreamy Spinach SoupSteak Salad with Blue Cheese DressingChilled Summer Soup with Asiago CroutonsTurkey Burgers with SageChicken Stir Fry with Peanut SauceBaked Arctic Char with Sour Cream and ChivesBeef ChiliKeto Irish Beef StewSalami Cheese Roll-upsKale Chips
Get your copy and start your Ketogenic Diet Journey today!

See You on the Effective Side!

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