The Ultimate Keto Diet 101: A Beginner's Guide

The Ultimate Keto Diet 101: A Beginner's Guide Summary


The ketogenic diet or “Keto-Diet” is an extremely low-carb, high-fat diet. Many different studies have shown that this type of diet can help you lose weight and improve your health.
A ketogenic and/or low-carb diet may even help in the fight against diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s and possibly many other health conditions and diseases.

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This is “The Ultimate Keto Diet 101: A Beginner’s Guide”.
Everything you need to know about the Ketogenic Diet is contained right here.

1.What is a Ketogenic or Keto Diet?
2.Different Types of Ketogenic Diet Modifications.
3.Ketogenic Diets Can Help With Weight Loss.
4.Ketogenic Diets Can Help With Diabetes.
5.More Health Benefits Of The Keto Diet.
6.Non-Keto Foods To Avoid
7.Foods To Eat
8.A Simple 1 Week Keto Diet Meal Plan
9.Healthy Snacks For The Ketogenic Diet
10.How To Eat Out On The Keto Diet
11.How To Minimize The Side Affects Of The Keto Diet.
12.Supplements Used For The Keto Diet.
13.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
14.Is The Keto Diet A Good Choice For Me?
15.Free Lifetime Membership

Book Reviews

Abrahamfist Dincoln

What’s KETO?5 star

This book answers the question at a 3rd grade reading level - so even you meat-heads can get your noodle (low-carb noodle, that is) around the instructions and information.55


Short and sweet5 star

I loved the straight forward facts about the keto diet.55


Author not thorough1 star

The author has obviously not done any personal research if he believes that grass fed, or organic beef is a better alternative to properly fed beef.15

Mormont remembers

Short & Sweet3 star

Was a good read. It was informative enough but just wish it did more siting of the research it had gathered.35


Great intro book for KETO5 star

Just the book I needed to get some insight into the Keto world. It was a very simple and easy read. I definitely recommend this book!55

informationally sound

Good starter5 star

Very informative in a short read, a lot of basic info. I would recommend doing more research before jumping right into a ketogenic diet.55


Good thing I didn’t pay for it1 star



Keto wannabe5 star

As a flight Attendant I’m always on the go, with that being said I’ve picked up some extra weight. Last week my coworker said she lost 25lbs. I asked her how, well the Keto diet was her answer! We were on a 3 day trip which gave me time to observe her and ask questions. So here I am on this quest to find out how I can become successful on the Keto diet as well. This is the first book I found in iBooks which is the easiest and fastest book to get me on the right track. It was a quick read without cumbersome information, which I can appreciate! Thanks for keeping it short and to the point. I’m rating this a 5 star rating for those reasons, thanks on the fly girl!55

bad -ksp

Do not recommend1 star

Very bad, information is weak and all stuff you can find by just googling keto. Do not recommend15

Caysie Cantrell

Beginner4 star

Great resource for beginners!45

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