Coronavirus: A Book for Children

Coronavirus: A Book for Children Summary

“An elegant, effective work. Download this now, read it immediately, share it with everyone you know.” —School Library Journal(starred review) This informative and accessible guide for young readers defines the coronavirus, explains why everyday routines have been disrupted, and lays out how everyone can do their part to help. With child-appropriate answers and explanations, the book addresses key questions, like: How do you catch coronavirus and what happens if you have it? Why are people so worried about it? Is there a cure? Why do we have to stay home? What can I do to help? And what happens next?

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Bonnie CKB

Coronavirus: A Book for Children5 star

This is an excellent book to read and discuss with children. A perplexing subject is introduced and explained in clear and simple language that children can easily understand. As a former teacher of young elementary school children, I highly recommend this book.55

Asher Adnan Hajiyani

I have no idea5 star

Hello. We three, Asher, Ayaan, and Armaan hate COVID-19 because we can get sick and we do not want that!!!55


Bttrrfdddd1 star



Pretty Good Book!3 star

I really liked how it’s targeted for children. I have a 5&6 year olds that are both in school and have been asking lots of questions. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was it left out key factors; such as face mask/shields, germX and Social Distancing. Which all of them children have to do daily at school.35

NBN in Greenville

Awesome book!5 star

This book was great! It has a lot of facts and information, and it is great for children. I loved this book!😄55


Great book to learn about the current pandemic5 star

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been around for quite some time, & it helps lots of people learn about this virus. Even though the vaccines are around, here are some powerful ways in order to slow the spread of the virus which is... 1. Wear a Mask 2. Stay at least 6 ft. apart 3. Stay at home as much as you can 4. Avoid crowds 5. Wash your hands with soap, & warm water If we can do all of these things, then the pandemic will be over which it has to depend on your community of course. I can’t wait to see a future where we don’t have to wear masks, staying at least 6 feet apart, & staying at home as much anymore.55


Its a great book *few problems*3 star

So is says vaccines in it and kids like me mite get scared and cry witch scares the children and annoying the parents or guardian because they have to make the kid be quite and trust me i have a little brother and his crying is like puting a sign that says live laugh love on a mid-evil torture chamber35


Coronavirus5 star

Everybody does know how to catch the coronavirus and the body weapon is called antibodies.55


Amazing5 star



My read5 star

I read this and it helped me understand Coronavirus55

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