Covid-19 Helpers

Covid-19 Helpers Summary

Winner of the 2020 Emory Global Health Institute Children's Ebook Competition. Are you looking for honest yet positive ways to talk to children about Coronavirus-19 (Covid-19)? COVID-19 HELPERS describes the pandemic factually yet hopefully. This story reassures children and parents that many people—including kids themselves—are helping to fight the virus. In COVID-19 HELPERS, beautiful, colorful illustrations by Kary Lee and clear, comforting words by Beth Bacon help children understand that they are not alone even if they are feeling isolated and helpless. In fact, by staying at home during the quarantine, they are playing an important role in helping to reduce the coronavirus infection rate. This book helps parents, teachers, and librarians discuss many issues of the global pandemic, including:
- School closures, park closures, theater closures due to quarantine or shelter-in-place policies
- Social distancing
- Wearing masks during the pandemic
- Feelings of helplessness, isolation, and boredom caused by social distancing policies 
- Medical research to end the pandemic 
- Cancelled sporting events, cancelled birthday parties
Plus extra pages explaining:
- Facts about Covid-19 virus
- What kids can do to avoid getting Covid-19
Even during the global pandemic, communities everywhere have many helpers fighting this new disease, including doctors, nurses, researchers, scientists, farmers, truck drivers, garbage collectors, shopkeepers, postal workers, government leaders, reporters, and even kids living in shelter-in-place quarantines.

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