Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath Summary

What happens when a Dragon doesn't brush his teeth? Well...We all heard about the ''dragon's breath''. That's why learning proper dental care is really important for a little boy and his friend Dragon Joe. 

Here's what readers are already saying about this amazing children book about health:

"This picture book inspire dental hygiene and encourage kids to brush their teeth while having fun." -- John 

"'This is a really helpful story because I've never met a preschool kid who was motivated to brush his teeth" -- Kate 

"This is just too funny because I keep thinking about this happening with my family. My kids loved the Dragon Joe " -- Liz 

This is a story about a Dragon that hates brushing his teeth. Going to the dentist is also a huge problem for Joe. 
He gets in funny situations like he can't smile anymore because his teeth look strange. His breath also smells terrible so he can't speak to his friend little boy. Finally, a friend shows him the importance of good hygiene, and they are having fun brushing their teeth. 

Warning! Cuteness overload, so be ready!
This book has a great kindergarten stoty and fantastic illustrations that will make you happier or just put a smile on your face. 

You and your kids will love this kids book...grab it now while it's still available at this discounted price.

Book Reviews

Amy the fire fox

Booooooo1 star

I don’t like the book it’s just no👎🏻15

cat girl pizza

Dragon’s breath review5 star

This book it’s a great (children’s) book the characters were nice and simple. The dragon did not want to brush his teeth so the boy made it into a game, this book is great and I love it, any kid reading this book would be hypnotized in the good grammar amazing pictures and great weighting of this book. This book is easily a 5 out of 5 rating.55


Loved It5 star

So cute! My boys enjoyed this story! 10/1055

Ace 🐮

a great story5 star

fun kids book 🐮👍 joe the dragon slayed55

9g huuhuuuj

Poop5 star

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Changes5 star

I liked that the dragon didn’t want to brush its teeth and then turned it into a game!55


Nice book5 star

Love it so much55


Dragons breath5 star

I love it and I have to brush my teeth55


Dragons breath5 star

This is a great story and the pictures were funny.55


Cute book!4 star


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