I'm Going to School Next Year!

I'm Going to School Next Year! Summary

This Social Story™ was written for a child who started school but wasn’t coping so a decision was made to pull him out until the next year. The story explains this decision to him. It is blank so that your family can take photos for each page of your child doing each action or he/she might want to illustrate it. This can also be a good way to introduce the idea of school to your child, changing some of the words to say “I’m going to school next year” and remove “I don’t like school yet” and then add all of the preparations your team is making this year (e.g. what visits to the school will involve, what the school situation is like: I sit down, I put my hand up, I can go to the Calm Corner, etc.)Although the story wasn't actually written for a child with autism spectrum disorder, it would be great for that purpose as well.

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