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Is It Nice? Manners For Kids was written to help young children behave in different situations. Its colorful illustrations and easy to understand messages make it easy for readers to learn the nice thing to do in everyday life. What should you do after you burp? Is it nice to yell or whine when you want something? These questions and others are answered for a great learning experience.

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LoReal Paris21

Cool5 star

My 7 yr old love this book and learn a lot55


Manners for kids!5 star

This book has helped my children leans how to share ! And care! I would like more helpful books! Thank you!55


Wife, Mother, Nanna and Sectretary Special Services AISD5 star

What a beautifully illustratd and put together book for parents, grandparents children and grandchildren. This is something that would be wonderful to be the classroom for the younger children. Respectfully Loretta55


This should be cob5 star

Vs tv55


Manners5 star

Love it55


How it is5 star

It's cool no a fence but um more better pictures please not to be rude its just the pictures is what makes kids want to read it more that's why I wrote this comment and wrote it because if you practice drawing other kids will want to read it more and I think it's five stars rated.55

Informed now

Good stuff and Thank you for writing this book5 star

I downloaded this book because I thought it might have something about talking over adults or interrupting them when they are having a conversation. But instead it touched base on using your inside voice and not whining something ,I'm faced with having a 4 year old .Good stuff ,when I was reading to the 4 year old the wife asked me if I wrote the book LOL. These are a lot of the same things Ive been saying to my little one ,so needless to say it was a reinforcement of that. Also ,it was nice to see it in a book with illustration the little one can understand.Also , a quick shout out to a fellow Chicago suburbanite that made it possible.55


Simply perfect5 star

I like this book because it's so simple to read to a toddler and preschooler. My son likes the illustrations and is so proud to answer the questions correctly!55


My kids really enjoy5 star

My kids love your book. They like the pictures and they laugh a lot when they see the picture of the passing gas. They crack up every time!55


Love5 star

I loved reading this with my kids! So helpful and cute!55

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