The Little Mandarin Fights the Germs

The Little Mandarin Fights the Germs Summary

With vivid illustrations and bilingual text and audio, The Little Mandarin Fights the Germs tells the story of the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of a little girl and her friend, the little mandarin. Germs are scary but we can fight them together with a little bit of patience, humor, and love. A great read-along book for children to help them understand how we feel and what we can do during the coronavirus pandemic, whether in quarantine or lock down. A story that helps to encourage good habits and positivity. Added benefits include some fun Chinese characters, for your kid or for anyone.

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💯5 star

Shared it with my nephew and nieve, they really enjoyed the book.55


Beautiful and Timely5 star

This lovely book could not be more timely during the rapidly evolving world health crisis. The simple explanation of these big concepts for your littles ones is beautifully illustrated and the audio component is a wonderful touch for parents who have been on childcare duty nonstop! Great for kids with some mandarin experience or for those who would like to start to learning now. And relevant to all children during these world-changing times. Cannot recommend highly enough!!55


Wonderful!5 star

Perfect for helping kids process and understand this moment, and for cultures coming together!55


Adorable5 star

Wonderful bi-lingual story book for children!55

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