2043 Summary

You know your own mind, right? In the near future this is no longer taken for granted. So integrated with information spaces, we change. How might you mind be changed? To what purpose ?

Zeno should be celebrating. His startup has sold software for the brain implants on a vast scale. Emotional engineering, pre-awareness. It goes by many names. Steady and incremental massaging of minds. Preparing human neural structures for the message to come. More powerful than advertising, more persuasive than any propaganda. When you sight that product you are already primed for the communication to come. You know your own mind, right? In 2043 there are whole industries based on modifying your mind in ways you struggle to understand. Is the government using the technology to keep the population passive? What have they set loose?

Genre: 2043 is soft science fiction in the spirit of 1984 by George Orwell. It is concerned with how technology might be used, and how that may change us in ways we have not anticipated.

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