Exodus Summary

A high tech space opera set in a dystopian future society where humanity faces its greatest challenge ever.

Exodus is the first installment of the Exodus Trilogy.

When mankind faces extinction, how can anyone survive?

In 2072, Earth faces the ultimate extinction event. In an America turned authoritarian, a race against time begins. To send a starship to a distant planet, where the remains of humanity can survive. Only a small number will be chosen for this final endeavor to save mankind from extinction, and among the contenders only the most resourceful will have a chance.

But while the government wants to choose loyal subjects in order to create another version of the society they have engineered, there are those who secretly conspire to let the starfarers choose their own destiny, free from the bonds of their mother world.

As mankind on Earth faces its final blow, the selected few set course for Aurora, more than 40 light years away!

Follow Tina Hammer, scramjet pilot and officer, Kenneth Taylor, Harvard professor and alienated by the nation he once held so dear, Maria Solis, daughter to one of the richest men in the world, a girl who would never have been chosen, except for her dad's money, on their various paths toward the greatest adventure in human history.

Accolades for Exodus:

"Wow! I was truly impressed by this book. I love when science fiction writers combine science, politics and psychology. For me the mix was just right"

"This book is science fiction in great form. It doesn't just make you think about the future, it really makes you think about the world around you today"

"A race through the end of the Earth - excellent SF"

The Exodus Trilogy:
Book 1, EXODUS (2012)
Book 2, AURORA (2013)
Book 3, GENESIS (2014)

Also related:
ALIVE, an Exodus companion novella (2013)

Book Reviews


It’s good5 star

I liked it and would like to read the rest of the series.55


Great story telling4 star

Christensen is a talented storyteller.45


Exodus4 star

Really liked this book. Who knows, one day we may have to go thru this. Because some of the scientists jargon means nothing to me it still told me how much knowledge the author has so it was easier to follow. Will read all the series!45


Loved it!5 star

Exodus drew me in and wouldn’t let go. Great premise and world building coupled with enjoyable character development. I highly recommend Exodus by Andreas Christensen.55


Food for thought5 star

This book was extremely well-written and created situations that we may truly face one day. The comments on the slide into totalitarianism probably bother some reviewers because we ar watching that very thing occur here in the US. Uncomfortable!55


Good but.4 star

Good reading but too close to reality in terms of single party rule.45

Bullfrog JJR

Cool premise4 star

Good bang for your buck here, particularly since it’s free. Very cool near-future sci-fi premise. Definitely worth the read, so much so that I immediately bought part 2 upon completing this and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.45


Dry3 star

Little on the dry side but shows potential and makes me want to read more, but for $4 I’m not going to just now.35

King Mel

Interesting Take on Armageddon Genre4 star

I have never been all that fond of apocalypse stories. You might say that, for me, the theme hit far too close to home as a current resident of Earth. But I found this to be an interesting take on the genre, mainly because of the attempt at forming a valid scientific underpinning for the escape vehicle. That appealed to the aerospace engineer in me. I would argue that the science behind the escape likely could have been employed to avoid Armageddon in the first place. But then the characters would have been stuck on a dystopian planet with an authoritarian political system. The exodus leaves the future wide open to imagination. It was strange that the author did not include carrying frozen embryos for genetic diversity or how Earth animals might have been transported along with the people. Just seeds.45


Really liked this book!5 star

I really enjoyed this story and makes you think about this situation if it were to happen, I’m going to purchase Aurora so I can continue the journey.55

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