Sexbot Summary

What if you could be immortal?

And what if the price was to give up everything first, including your very life?

Dr. Susan Jones is about to find out. A robotics scientist out of MIT, Susan is one of the inventors of the Sexbot, the world’s most advanced robot sex toy.

Sexbots combine the cutting edge of robotics, sex dolls, and artificial intelligence into one sensational product. Marketed to the richest of the rich, they’re beautiful, they’re smart, and oh so sexy – so realistic, in fact, that they’re almost more human than humans themselves. Sexbots have made Susan, and the company she works for, Suncoast Cybernetics, vastly wealthy.

But Susan is working on a new project. She and her partner, Martin Wacker, have stumbled upon the key to immortality – which is to download human awareness into intelligent machines. They conduct their first experiments on chimpanzees, and the process works.

Concerned by the ethics of their discovery, Susan and Martin try to delay the project. But Suncoast is eager to move forward with human trials. CEO Howard Neale believes immortality will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars and wants to rush the product to market, while company Chairman James Walsh is dying of cancer and wants to use the technology to save himself.

The company kills Martin and makes it look like a drunk driving accident. Then they send the assassins Mr. Blue and Mr. Green to murder Susan at her home. Just before they kill her, Susan runs to her private lab, and downloads herself into the most intelligent machine she has at hand – Number Nine, the prototype for the ninth generation of Sexbots.

Number Nine is faster, stronger, and more sexual than any human. Now, Susan is Number Nine, dead and yet alive, and on the run. Pursued by Mr. Blue and the militarized security forces of the company, and with a bomb inside her set to go off in 24 hours, Nine must use her smarts, her physical gifts and her sexuality to survive.

Sexbot is fast-paced, sexy, pedal to the metal adventure, with twists, turns and shocking surprises. You may end up reading the whole thing in one sitting. Try this: start at bedtime, stay up very late, and take the next day off from work.

* * *

Praise for Patrick Quinlan:

'A shocking, violent read, jam-packed with action and a cast of incredible characters' -- Independent Weekly (Australia)

'A superb debut. A great crime novel. Brilliant is the word' -- Independent on Sunday

'Packed with adrenalin, violence and an all-too-credible set of New York characters' -- The Times

'Tightly plotted, confidently written and very hip' -- Observer

“Smoked by Patrick Quinlan secures your attention like a rusty nail being driven in your forehead.” - Peter Kettle

“Like a small snowball on a hill it gathers pace and crashes on grabbing you with it to the end... then you think to yourself... hell I wanna do that again.” - WoolyBully

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