The Trilisk Ruins

The Trilisk Ruins Summary

Telisa Relachik studied to be a xenoarchaeologist in a future where humans study alien artifacts but haven't ever encountered live aliens. Of all the aliens whose extinct civilizations are studied, the Trilisks are the most advanced and the most mysterious.

Telisa refuses to join the government because of her opposition to its hard-handed policies restricting civilian investigation and trade of alien artifacts, despite the fact that her estranged father is a captain in the United Nations Space Force.

When a group of artifact smugglers recruits her, she can't pass up the chance at getting her hands on objects that could advance her life's work. But she soon learns her expectations of excitement and riches come with serious drawbacks as she ends up fighting for her life on a mysterious alien planet.

The Trilisk Ruins is a science fiction adventure of 70,000 words and the first book in the PIT series.

Book Reviews


Trilisk Ruins5 star

Make it a movie or series.55

NY David21

Hard to put down5 star

Filled with action, adventure, and mystery.55


Fast fun and imaginative!5 star

Great and engaging read. I haven’t been this interested in a Science Fiction series in a VERY long time, but from the first chapter, Mr. McCloskey had me in his story spinning tendrils! The ideas are both imaginative and predictible based on our likely near future technology goals. Let yourself go and join the adventure to see alien worlds and creatures and peer backwards into the worst of the human psyche.55


Trilisk5 star

One of the best Sci-Fi books I've read in a long time. Now to see about the rest of the series.55


The Trisk Ruins4 star

Yes, this is a fast pace quick read. I enjoyed it and looking forward to the next in the series.45


Trilisk Ruins4 star

This is a very good start to a series of books. It introduces a number of very interesting characters, and has some fascinating world building. It follows Telisa as she interviews for a new job, which promises to be far more than advertised. Heading off-world takes her into the Trilisk Ruins of the book title, and catapults her through a series of encounters that will push her mentally, physically and emotionally. What she finds in the ruins could make her rich beyond her dreams, or change her life beyond all recognition.45

Jack Sawyer1001

Excellent5 star

Very enjoyable read. Fast paced sci-fi.55


Wonderful book5 star

Being an archaeologist myself, I appreciate this type of story. Michael McCloskey has written and interesting tale about alien artifacts and the dangers of a government fearing information. It is a fully enjoyable book.55

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