A Laird's Promise

A Laird's Promise Summary

Some promises are hard to keep…
Phillip promised he'd let her go home. He promised, after she completed her task, she'd be free. He didn't promise her that he wouldn't capture her heart before he released her.

For Sarah, captive of the Highland laird, that these promises are kept is paramount.
Phillip never expected to fall in love with the woman who was supposed to save his brother's life. He also never expected to break a promise. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when he finds out the secrets she's keeping.

Book Reviews


A lairds promise4 star

Interesting circumstances.45


Stale romance2 star

I liked the characters but the feeling wasn't there for me. I couldn't get excited about the romance. There was excitement but it didn't give me anything in the romance department to excite me or make me want to be part of the story.25


Not super Scottish3 star

Okay. So this story was just meh for me. Good enough to finish but not super enthralling. There were just things missing. Like a timeline. Historical fiction without a little time header at the beginning is frustrating imo. So I had to use context clues to figure it out (1200s Scotland). Then the dialogue lacked in Scottish inflection whatsoever. Everything was written far to English like. Ex. “Haven’t” instead of “havvna”. Not a single “ye kin” to to be found. Only the occasional “och”. Plus there was a lot of random geographical detail, but character and relationship development was lacking. And the way the plot wrapped up with Ceanna didn’t seem very worked out either. Idk. This story has potential. But needs work and editing imo.35

Annoyed for now.

Lairds promise5 star

Very satisfying. Nice plot, easy reading but with suspense and of course romance.55


Fun4 star

4 stars.45


Loved it5 star

Such a great book. I want the whole series!!!55

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