Altdorf (a Novel of the Forest Knights)

Altdorf (a Novel of the Forest Knights) Summary

Over 340 Goodreads 5-Star Reviews. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom.

A druid priestess enlists the help of an ex-Hospitaller warrior and a charismatic outlaw to fight Austrian tyranny in medieval Switzerland. A subtle blend of fantasy and history, Altdorf tells the events leading up to one of the greatest underdog stories of the medieval age, the Battle of Morgarten.

“Re-imagining the William Tell legend—without William Tell.”

At the end of the thirteenth century, five hundred orphans and second sons are rounded up from villages in the Alpine countryside and sold to the Hospitaller Knights of St John. Trained to serve as Soldiers of Christ, they fight in eastern lands they know nothing about, for a cause they do not understand.

Thomas Schwyzer, released from his vows by the Grandmaster of the Hospitallers, returns to the land of his birth a stranger. Once a leader of men, and captain of the Order’s most famous war galley, he now settles into the simple life of a ferryman. He believes this new role to be God’s reward for years of faithful service fighting the Infidel in Outremer.

Seraina, considered a witch by most, a healer by some, is a young woman with a purpose. A Priestess of the Old Religion, and the last Druid disciple of the Helvetii Celts, she has been gifted by the Great Weave to see what others cannot. Her people need her guidance and protection now more than ever. For Duke Leopold of Habsburg, in his efforts to control the St. Gotthard Pass, builds a great Austrian fortress in Altdorf. Once finished, the Habsburg occupation will be complete, but the atrocities visited upon her people will have just begun.

Set in medieval Switzerland, ALTDORF, a novel of The Forest Knights, is the first
book in a two-book series.

Book Reviews


Altdorf5 star

I really enjoy this novel. The pace was good and the story compelling. The mixture of history and fancy it was hard to separate one from the other. I will be reading more of your writings Cherri55


Medieval Adventure5 star

When historical events come alive in a novel and send me off to do more research, that's a well told story. I learned something and enjoyed every minute of it.55


Why can't I download the book?5 star

It looks very interesting, but whenever I try to download it, it won't download. I can download the sample but not the full version.55

A novel of the forest Knights

Altdorf5 star

An excellent read! Upon reaching the end I was thrilled to discover it is the first book in a series! I look forward to many more equally good reads.55


Excellent blend of history, myth, and fiction4 star

Well told, with believable characters, good and evil. Horrific in places; not for those who will be terrified by reading of torture and rape. These scenes run throughout but are each part of the plot, and not made into the point of the book. I ended wanting to purchase the sequel. A few grammatical errors, the type auto-checkers will not find, such as "where" in place of "were". The work could use a human final proof reader. Not enough errors to make the writing cumbersome, however.45


Good read3 star

The book held my attention & it was read overnight. The rational for 3 stars is that there were 3 'stories' that opened well enough but dropped. Meaning, there was no follow up.35


Altdorf (a novel of the Forest Knights3 star

I enjoyed the fierce action which moved the story along. I definitely would like to read the rest of the saga.35

Lady Gu3

Awesome read5 star

Very refreshing writing.55


Altdorf4 star

A very well-conceived and written story. A historical fantasy that is adult without being pornagraphic and/or overly graphic with the scenes of violence. In a time when fantasy writers seem to have no sense as to how to end a series in less than 7 or more installments (lose their audience along the way), it is refreshing to find a new author with a good sense of how to tell a fine tale. You'll want to read book 2 - and to know it'll end nicely.45


Amazing5 star

Great book all the German and Latin terminology really challenged my vocabulary, and any book that can make me feel so much hatred towards one character is awesome. So many mixed emotions about grissler though part of me wished he died a much more painful death. Another part of me feels sorry for him. Just a great book can't wait to jump into the second one.55

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