An Earl's Guide To Catch A Lady

An Earl's Guide To Catch A Lady Summary


 And being outwitted by fate will not deter her!

But even she has to admit that waking up in the bed of a stranger with no memory might be a tiny wrinkle in her otherwise grand plan. Was he a peasant? A gunman? Perhaps a duke? Or was he just a figment of her imagination? Evelyn wasn't about to lurk around and find out. But she will soon learn the mysterious stranger was a force much larger than fate to be reckoned with, and he has set his sight firmly on her.


And they all include reckless, unpredictable, and completely dangerous to his hardened heart, Evelyn Tremaine.

While he might have decided long ago never to get caught up with any woman ever again, he is enchanted by this remarkable lady and her fiery imagination. The only thing is she is mad as a March hare. Winning the exquisite lady's love will be a trial, but Matthew has a will of iron, and he would stop at nothing, fair means or foul until he has her complete surrender.

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Couldn’t even finish it.1 star

This book is all over the place and not in a good way. I literally can not even bring myself to finish. I have started and stopped it 10 times now thinking that maybe it’ll even out and get better. It hasn’t. I’m halfway through and have absolutely no desire to continue. Characters are horrendous, storyline is wildly dumb. Probably one of the worst stories I’ve ever attempted to read. I hate to say that. I really do. Especially about a free novel. And I know the author most likely worked hard on this and this review might gut them. Unfortunately, it needs to be said. Hopefully this harsh criticism will push them to recruit a good editor. The bones are good. Author just needs some severe guidance.15

Becky Darlene

I could not stop reading5 star

I Absolutely Loved this book! I started it about 11 am and finished it at 10pm the same day. I was annoyed to no end every time I had to stop reading and get other stuff done. Well Done Miss Wilde 👏🏼👏🏼55


Honestly Appalled1 star

I couldn't get past the first few chapters. Matthew is on the psychotic end of overbearing males that romance novels tend to write. After one meeting and a few kisses he is manhandling her, stalking her, manipulating, demanding answers and intentionally seducing her, all while going crazy in his head about how no women (especially beautiful ones) can be trusted. No amount of "vulnerability" mixed in with his rants and rages makes him even palatable enough to continue. In real life someone would need a restraining order. I'd give zero stars if I could. But at least Evelyn has a middling of spunk. So one star.15


And earls got to catch a lady4 star

I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it45

My Passion Is Reading

Review3 star

I liked the storyline, however, it seemed like the author wanted to lengthen the story by keeping Matthew and Evelyn apart. The problem with that is that she kept using Evelyn lying to do it. It got to the point of ridiculousness. Evelyn is a spoiled, childish, selfish, a hypocrite, self centered, manipulative and worst of all, most everything she says to Matthew is a lie. I don’t know what he sees in her. He seems to fall in love with her the minute he sees her, which is ridiculous. No one falls in love with someone because she comes into your room in the middle of the night drunk. It is really hard to like Evelyn. Her personality is usually that of protagonist not the heroine. Honestly she makes women look bad. She fits the entitled aristocrat stereotype. Also, the “plot” that Simon and Damien set the whole meeting up between Matthew and Evelyn doesn’t make sense. How would they know that Matthew would be at that inn on that day. How would they know that when she ran away that she would end up at that in? Th book could be great if changes are made to it.35


Enjoyable4 star

Enjoyable read. Could have done without so much lying and manipulation. But it was quite a raucous tale. Also, it’s Marquess. Marquis is typically for French or Scottish nobility. Most English Nobles of that rank are Marquess. Sorry. Pet peeve of mine.45

Howling gale

Promising3 star

This is a promising one, but it does not create a continuous build up of excitement. It feels like i’m in and out if stupor. The lady is very childish and selfish, I can’t stand her hypocrisy.35

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