Belle Of The Ball

Belle Of The Ball Summary

Lady Anabelle Darling plans to find a respectable husband who will love her. From the moment she meets Viscount Draven, she knows there’s something dangerous about him. Draven offers nothing but sinful dalliance and forbidden pleasure.  <br>
Draven relishes the role of scoundrel. But Lady Anabelle tempts him to reform like no other. She’s lovely when she’s furious, and he can’t resist luring her into his sensual game—consequences be damned.<br>
A single kiss wields the power to change everything between them and turn Anabelle’s carefully crafted plan inside out. When Draven is confronted with losing Annabelle to another, he realizes it was never a game at all. Can he redeem himself and prove even scoundrels can love?<br>
If you like Steamy Regency Romance, rogues, strong heroines, and scintillating love scenes, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s Historical Romance novels.

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Belle Of The Ball4 star

Ethan and Annabelle had a hate/love relationship that makes for an interesting story. It could’ve been shortened some. Overall I liked the story but there really wasn’t anything to make it unique.45


Belle of the Ball5 star

A great book could not put it down! A romance to warm your heart and make you dream of love!55


Loved the characters!5 star

Loved it so much, I read it twice and purchased the rest of the series!55


Beautiful love story5 star

I want you to know this was a good story and you have became one of my favorite authors because your stories are mostly complete. I will probably buy a few of your books now. I lost the love of my life 5 years ago December 5th. My income changed then I just can't spend like I could. I read a lot of free books and enjoyed this one.55

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