Cocky Earl

Cocky Earl Summary

An honorable Earl, an American Girl, and one losing bet that changes everything.

Miss Charley Jackson never wanted to sail to England. The British are stuffy, and arrogant, and think far too highly of themselves. Particularly, the ones who referred to themselves as Lords. 

Julian Wellstone, the Earl of Westerley, had never walked away from a bet but should have known his luck would eventually run out. He should have known a time would come when the gambling tables would turn against him.

Which is exactly what happened when he played "one more hand" and lost the game of a lifetime to American Whiskey King, Mr. Daniel Jackson. Jules has no choice but to honor the bet and court the man's daughter—a chit who manages to get under his skin from the moment he meets her. But honor is everything. 

Until love deals him a new hand. And once the lines are blurred, all bets are off. Will he fold and walk away, or will he ante up his heart and risk everything for the love of a lifetime?

Book Reviews

guards lie

Romantic5 star

I do like these books55


Great5 star

Without a doubt one of my favorite historical romances.55


Spunk for an ending4 star

This HEA takes an entertaining digression. All the more satisfying for the wait. Interesting (and not so expected) weaving of the cost of truth.45


Cocky Earl5 star

I enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and there were no boring parts. I would definitely recommend this book to read.55


Enjoyed4 star

One of the better regencies I’ve read in awhile. Late regency I suppose. But in really enjoyed the story and the way that the author doesn’t use miscommunication, lies, or secrets to move the story forward. There was plenty of tension without all that. They were so open and honest with each other. I believed their love and enjoyed the story very much.45

Becky Darlene

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

I could not stop reading. It’s warm and funny, a really good read.55

C Conti

Cockey Earl5 star

It was such a pleasure to read a book that kept me riveted. The story was good, it was a no put down book until happily completed. Thank you.55


Wonderful story, unexpected twists, great characters, thoroughly enjoyable!5 star

Page turner that evokes both laughs and tears!55


Great characters!5 star

Well written, excellent plot twist...loads of fun!55


Uggh1 star

Childish, immature, juvenile male characters who have absolutely nothing to offer a decent woman. This was painful to read. I barely got through one hundred pages and it was all I could take. How in the world could anyone find any of these men attractive? Their looks are all that they have to recommend them. Their behavior is on par with twelve year olds, at best. Awful15

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