Daughter of War

Daughter of War Summary

An extraordinary story of the Knights Templar.
Europe is aflame. On the Iberian Peninsula the wars of the Reconquista rage across Aragon and Castile. Once again, the Moors are gaining the upper hand. Christendom is divided.

Amidst the chaos is a young knight: Arnau of Vallbona. After his Lord is killed in an act of treachery, Arnau pledges to look after his daughter, whose life is now at risk. But in protecting her Arnau will face terrible challenges, and enter a world of Templars, steely knights and visceral combat he could never have imagined.
She in turn will find a new destiny with the Knights as a daughter of war… Can she survive? And can Arnau find his destiny?
An explosive novel of greed and lust, God and blood,Daughter of Warmarks the beginning of an epic new series from bestseller S. J. A. Turney. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Matthew Harffy.

Praise for S.J.A. Turney
'Turney has woven a tale of absolute escapism. The depth of detail and strong narrative tension lead to complete, blissful immersion' Gordon Doherty, author of the Legionary and Strategos series

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I actually cheered while reading this…4 star

When I found out where Guillem had been, I actually cheered in my kitchen—alone! I was THAT wrapped up in this book! Read it and see for yourself.45

Angel Bernier

Daughter of War4 star

I loved the male and female members of the Templar Order. The life and dignity of the order was stressed and it was woven into the story with exceptional results. I look forward to more books of this type by the author!45


A Powerful Read5 star

I am wont to cynical at times when delving into historical fiction, fearing more often than not to be bored. Not so with this novel. It was a very satisfying, well written book. Thank you for taking the time to research and write a compelling tale.55


Amazing read5 star

I’m a sucker for historical fiction, I haven’t completed a book in quite a while but I couldn’t put this one down.55

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