Dawn's Promise

Dawn's Promise Summary

A heart prepared to die that has never lived or loved…
Born with fragile health, Dawn Uxbridge has lived a sheltered existence. Her lonely days are filled by drawing fanciful landscapes and nurturing plants. When tragedy strikes, she finds herself alone and penniless with only one talent – a green thumb.
Jasper, the Earl of Seton, is in need of a gardener to reclaim his derelict estate in the remote west of England. He expected a robust commoner, not a fragile young woman. With the next train a week away, Dawn has one chance to change the earl’s mind and earn her place.
But all is not as it seems at the ancestral manor. The estate is full of secrets, ravens cluster on the parapets, and a ghostly young woman cries out at night. This garden conceals a rotten heart, and it plans to squeeze the last beat from Dawn’s…

Book Reviews


Dawns Promises5 star

I loved the love story mixed with the supernatural! A thrilling and enjoyable read. Great characters and well developed storyline, a must read! Tubby 504855


Wonderful5 star

Absolutely loved this book. Could not put it down. For the quality of the writing I was amazed to get the book for free here. The storyline is interesting, and while the lore could use a little bit more development and the ending was a little rushed, I found the entire novel to be engaging and exciting.55


Really enjoyed5 star

Very unique. I haven’t read a ton of Victorian era stories, but this is certainly my first of this type of supernatural element. It was unique and intriguing. The characters were well developed as was the story. Just really enjoyed it.55


Fun Fantasy Book4 star

Held my interest. Enjoyable book.45


It is wow so much fun to read!!!!🤩🤪😚5 star

And wow I’m fell to sleep after a few pages55

Wren Mc Coy

An Amazing Read5 star

This book sucked me in and kept me captive until I finished it in one sitting. I can’t wait to read the next one!55


Dawns promise5 star

Loved it.55

DG Whit

Dawn’s Promise2 star

I couldn’t finish this book just not my thing.25


Unusual and enticing4 star

I’ve read the “Ella” series by this author and enjoyed the twist on the fairy tale. This book was fun to read and kept me wondering what would happen next. I like the twists and turns the author engages in. Well worth the time.45

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