Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy Summary

Every great family has a few secrets. The wild Randalls of Hampshire excel at them. 

A lady should be the image of elegance and calm, but those words have never applied to Mercy, Duchess of Romsey. A widow and mother, Mercy is lonely and floundering to keep the estate afloat. When she discovers the existence of Leopold Randall, her husband’s estranged cousin, Mercy immediately offers to help him locate his missing siblings if he helps her return the estate to order.

Leopold has returned to Hampshire for only one purpose—to learn the fate of his missing siblings. Unfortunately, the current duchess is clueless and out of her depth. Her struggle tugs at Leopold’s sense of duty and her bold nature tempts him unbearably. When Leopold discovers their lives are forever entwined, he vows to protect Mercy and her innocent son.

Wild Randalls Series 
Book 1: Engaging the Enemy (Leopold and Mercy)
Book 2: Forsaking the Prize (Tobias and Blythe)
Book 3: Guarding the Spoils (Oliver and Elizabeth)
Book 4: Hunting the Hero (Constantine and Rosemary)

Book Reviews


Engaging the Enemy5 star

I read this book for the second time. I have been on Ancestry and I know your books are fiction but my ancestors on my mother's side were Randall's starting as far as England goes. I don't think there was any royalty but one was a mayor of Bath.55


Engaging the Enemy5 star

The interaction between the two main characters was intriguing and delightful. Foolish man, he surrendered in the end!! They overcame obstacles, intrigue and found themselves. Good worthwhile read! Cathie [email protected] hotmail.com55


Slow2 star

It was slow and not enough action. It’s great to look for his siblings but he doesn’t seem to be doing that, just pages of seduction. Boring.25

Jennie the Jewel

Engaging the Enemy5 star

This book was intriguing! A good mystery ( with a twist to the solving), a good romantic story, and characters developed through both narratives and other characters produced a well-written and smoothly flowing novel. Worth the time to read!55


Engaging the Enemy1 star

Two incorrect uses of apostrophes in as many pages. So discouraging! Does anyone use proofreaders anymore?15

Marina Ariadne

Punctuation & grammar not strong suits2 star

While the characters were interesting enough, seeing possessives where plurals were called for, and vice versa, put me in editor mode and made reading this for pleasure difficult. Even the main characters were on the flat side, but Mercy’s character was a bit more present. I’d like to know about the other siblings’ fates, but not at the cost of Editor Mode reading. While there were clues and possible red herrings cast about, the foreshadowing was much lighter, and very well done. I had my suspicions as to who the culprit was, and am happy to say that no single one of them was the actual answer.25

Joanie C P

Engaging the enemy5 star

Fantastic plot!55


Enjoyable3 star

Lots of twists and turns but too many things left unfinished. Should have completed more of the story lines35


To start again3 star

I have attempted twice to read this book..can not get into it. I did read the narrative of the second book it seems to be more exciting than this one.35

going for the MAT

Pass1 star

No better or worse than any of the other free books offered. Series are always annoying. Getting one free is not enough to persuade me to buy another.15

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