Hell's Belle

Hell's Belle Summary

A Bespectacled Bluestocking, A Clueless Rake and a mad dash to Gretna Green

Miss Emily Goodnight – who cannot see a thing without her blasted spectacles – is raising the art of meddling to new heights. Why leave her future in the hands of fate when she's perfectly capable of managing it herself? 

The Earl of Blakely, London's most unattainable bachelor, finds Miss Goodnight's schemes nearly as intriguing as the curves hidden beneath her frumpy gowns. Secure in his independence, he's focussed on one thing only: evading this father's manipulating ways. 

Hell's Bell Indeed – What with all the cheating at parlor games, trysts in dark closets, and cases of mistaken identity, complications arise. Because fate has limits. And when it comes to love and the secrets of the past, there's only so much twisting one English Miss can get away with… 

Hell's Bell is the third book in the Devil's Debutantes Series but can also be read as a standalone novel. It was nominated for Best Historical Short Novel as a finalist in RWA's Distinguished 2019 Rita © Awards.

Book Reviews


Great story!5 star

I really enjoyed the adventure of Emily and Marcus coming to terms with their love. An added bad guy, poison, and kidnapping only added to the adventure!55


Loved this book!5 star

Emily and Marcus are quite the pair. They are both just awesome human beings, with big hearts. I loved this book so much. It’s become one my my favs. It’s fun, whimsical, steamy and so very romantic. A must read! Ps. Those spectacles👓 😍55

Patty in McKinney

Delightful!5 star

This book is such a delightful little treasure with likable characters you find yourself rooting for.55


Hells Belle5 star

Excellent story! I loved the characters, the intrigue, and the romance!55


Hell’s Belle5 star

Excellent read for a rainy afternoon. Pleasant romp through the English countryside with the Earl and a Wallflower, very entertaining!55


Great story5 star

Great characters and story! A real page turner!55


An Amazing Adventure5 star

Seriously, Oh my gosh! As I turned the pages, I really wanted to send a message to the author and tell her how much I was loving this story! I bookmarked so many passages on my kindle that it was several pages when I got through. As I have read each book in this series, there did not seem a way they could get any better, but they do and this is one of my favorites (ok they are all my favorites but what can I say?) Emily Goodnight is a true bluestocking spinster and is blind without her glasses. Those glasses play a tantalizing role in this story. She is outspoken and yes, she gets right in the middle of things but underneath she is vulnerable and feels herself not really good enough for society. Marcus, Earl of Blakely, enjoyed himself with the ladies and often would seek Miss Goodnight out at entertainments just to have a lively conversation. He was not looking to marry and had a few secrets that would eventually come out. But as the two are together at a house party, Miss Goodnight schemes to make all things right and the two end up together. How you say? Emily was the most surprising woman he had ever known and underneath that frumpy exterior she was blessed with an amazing imagination! Annabelle Anders has done it again with a story full of powerful emotions with the perfect blend of humor. This is one of the best books I have read this year and I cannot wait for more. I will leave you with this line that I loved! What the hell was a mentula?" Hell's Belle! Even I had to look that up!!55

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