Highland Refugee

Highland Refugee Summary

Arya Furlough of Dunrobin has been betrothed to Laird Jared Stewart against her wishes. With her faithful maid and companion she begrudgingly embarks on a voyage to new lands to marry the laird her father has determined will prove a fruitful alliance with her their clan. Alas, the ship she is on does not weather a storm well, leaving her cast upon the sea.

Laird Duncan McAbee of Duffus is mourning his father on the shore when he notices a body bobbing among the waves. Little does he know, the body he pulls forth is a raven-haired spitfire of a lass with a steel will of determination not to marry her betrothed. He is caught unawares when she wields a poker and even further caught offguard when she manages to broach his defenses and capture her heart.

How is he supposed to recover when she chooses to leave him for Laird Jared Stewart?

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Highland Refugee4 star

The writer did a wonderful job telling the story in Scottish ways, I enjoyed the story. “Adopting”45

C Conti

Highlands refugee5 star

This book stole my ❤️.55

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Highland1 star

Poorly developed conflicts and plot.15

Clean romancer

Highland refugee4 star

Pretty good.45


Stupidest book I’ve ever read1 star

The girl is retardedly naive, no one is that stupid and dumb after what she had been through. The author really sucked if they couldn’t figure it out. Didn’t even finish the book it was so bad at the girl giving herself up part. I mean seriously author did you think maybe then talking about it might have helped the book? A little character collaboration maybe? Where did you learn to write? Anemic!and yes I’m scoffing at you author. Find another job.15


Highlanders5 star

I have to say I haven’t been into romance novels as of late, however I can never pass up a Highlanders story. This one is definitely a page turner. Fantastic storyline and very hard to put down once you start reading!55


Highland refugee3 star



Loved it5 star

Good story that kept me intrigued55


That was rough1 star

I can let go of a lot for a good escape read. But this one was just rough. It started off okay—if a bit slow. And I’m all for instalove. But I need to feel it. I felt no love here, and not just because they never have sex, but because there is no attraction. Things just happen. The development is awful because there is none. The characters just spout things and jump around. Also. What year is it? Are we talking medieval? Later? Who knows? I can’t even articulate all the things I found wrong with this book. I almost DNFd it but sped through it since it was short enough.15

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