Kissing The Enemy

Kissing The Enemy Summary

Frederica Vale is about to cause a scandal that will make her a target of the most dangerous spy network in England.

London, 1806. Fredrica “Freddie” Vale would do anything to protect her younger sister. When a dubious benefactor threatens Freddie’s family, he gives the plain girl a mission. To keep her sister safe, Freddie must steal a codebook from enemies of the British crown…

Tristan Graylocke has always benefitted from diminished expectations. As the duke’s younger brother, he can carouse at-will during high-society affairs. It also keeps anyone from suspecting him of espionage as he prepares to pass on the codebook…

When Tristan spots an enemy spy in the crowd, he’s not sure if the innocent girl is bad at her job… or a master of deception. But in this seductive game of cat and mouse, will achieving their mission keep them from falling in love?

Kissing the Enemy is the first book in a series of Regency romance novels with a dash of espionage. If you like simmering mysteries, character chemistry, and pulse-pounding action, then you’ll love this amorous adventure from USA Today bestselling author Leighann Dobbs and co-author Harmony Williams.

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Redeems itself3 star

Starts off great. Regency. Spying. Clandestine encounters. Unfortunately, it drags a bit through the middle. Those clandestine encounters aren’t ever taken advantage of until way too late in the story imo. There’s also way too much miscommunication. I didn’t expect this because it starts off so direct just to waste way too much time beating around the bush. And duh the enemy isn’t who she thought it was. Like obviously. But whatevs. I’ll let it go. Why? Because we finally get redemption and it all works out. I was glad the way it was done even if it was wrapped up way too fast.35

V loves to read

Kissing the Enemy5 star

Very entertaining. Keeps one guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.55

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