Lady By Chance

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Manipulated into a marriage of convenience to prove their patriotism, Anna and Charles, the Marquess of Haverstock, question each other's loyalties. But there's no question that Anna's silken touch has bewitched the powerful lord who has become her husband, and no question that she craves every moment in his arms.

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Different but the same.5 star

It what you’re looking for in a historical romance novel but has a unique spin on it when she thinks he’s a traitor. Looking forward to reading more from her.55


Good bones3 star

Good bones. Started off great. It fleshed out enough. Needs way more development. The timeline is confusing too. Not sure how weeks turned into months. It’s not clearly explained. The love wasn’t developed enough either. Like we never saw them get to know each other or have real conversations. Idk. Wanted to love this. Started off great. But fell flat. Especially the ending.35


I liked the plot until the end5 star

I liked the plot until the end. At that point, it was a far too contrived “rescue me” and happy ending, rolled into one.55

DG Whit

Lady by Chance3 star

Pretty good read, slow in places.35

Totally absorbed!!

Lady By Chance5 star

A quick read, that was entertaining and fun! Loved the twist and turns and then the unexpected romance towards the end! Cheryl Boylen writes wonderful historical romance!55


Good read5 star

Love a story with interesting characters. Could vividly imagine them as the scenes played out. Very enjoyable book.55


Lady by Chance5 star

This book had me reading all day, I could not put it down. Fabulous book, can’t wait to read part two.55


Real good Book4 star

I enjoyed this book. It was interesting and a good love story. I can't get out for library books anymore so i download free ones. At 80 years old I have plenty books. Thank you for a great story.45


Lady By Chance5 star

I really enjoyed this book. It had all the ingredients of a great novel. A beautiful heroine and a dashingly handsome hero with plenty of intrigue. You come to love their characters as well as family and friends. Highly recommend it!55

Excellent book!

A lady by chance5 star

What a wonderful read. The book was so engaging I could not put it down.55

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