Lord Temptation

Lord Temptation Summary

What’s a proper lady to do when a gentleman’s charms prove irresistible?

With his unruly black hair and cool gray eyes, Anthony Carlisle, the Earl of Carlisle, was christened “Lord Temptation” the first time he conquered London society. His effortless charm captured the hearts of every besotted belle in Regency London.

But his own heart was captured when he first laid eyes on Lady Caroline Hardage. After he is torn from her arms by battle and betrayal, Tony returns from the war a scarred and embittered recluse who refuses to leave his ancestral home.

Caroline is presented with the perfect opportunity to breach those walls when she and her two closest friends form the “Charlotte Society”, their mission being to adopt a returning soldier and meet his needs. But as Caroline lays siege to Anthony’s gardens—and his heart, she discovers just how quickly a man’s needs can become a woman’s desire…and just how irresistible Lord Temptation can still be…

Book 1 of the brand new Regency seriesThe Charlotte Society: Lord Temptation, Lord Dare and Lord Rogue 

“Tender, enthralling romance straight from the heart!” — Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author

“Tender, enthralling romance straight from the heart!”—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

“Rebecca Hagan Lee taps into every woman’s fantasy!” — Christina Dodd, New York Times bestseller

“Rebecca Hagan Lee warms my heart and touches my soul. She’s a star in the making!” — Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author 

 “Rebecca Hagan Lee is a writer on the rise!” — Romantic Times

Book Reviews


Regency romance3 star

Another silly regency romance but with the caveat of a woman treating war wounds with heated pools for support in healing. I found that method best for my own injuries from aneurism and subsequent loss of feeling in a limb preventing my walking. Was the best treatment I had!35


Well done5 star

This book was substantially developed. Full, deep characters and relationships. Moved through time superbly. Nothing done lightly or swiftly written..55


Interesting premise but4 star

I feel like the ending was really rushed. I would have preferred some repetitive parts in the middle cut and more attention to details toward the end. I did enjoy the book but would have like the father and his minions to get a bigger comeuppance. A few other things but I don’t want to spoil it for others. Just felt a bit rushed imo. Otherwise I liked it.45


I couldn’t put it down5 star

It is a well written captivating story55


Lord Temptation5 star

Great book by an author who engages you in her story in the first five pages. She keeps you engaged till the end. I loved this book‼️‼️55


Great main characters!5 star

I really liked reading about Caroline and Tony. After having a dominant father interfere with their wedding plans, they have to learn to get to know each other again after being apart for 5 years. Tony comes home to England seriously injured during a war. Caroline pushes hard to help with his recovery, against his will. The only complaint I had was that there was no justice against Caroline’s father (for later acts). I’m hoping this comes to pass in the next two books.55

1966 hNS

Fun to read!5 star

Interesting characters with an unusual plot55

Viv Mac

Temptation =seduction5 star

This was my first book by Rebecca Hagen Lee and it was wonderful. I enjoyed her writing so much, especially her sense of humor. This was a lovely romance with great insight into the human condition. I’m looking forward to the other two books in this series and I’m sure I’ll read many of her other books as well.55


Spellbound!5 star

Very refreshing! I felt like I was right there alongside the main characters, given all the emotions I felt and experienced. Despite the few errors throughout the book, I still believe it deserves 5 stars. This author is now on my radar and I’m very curious as to Phoebe and Dulcie (the other two members of The Charlotte Society) stories. Lovely read, overall.55

Ms. Redducks

Lord Temptation5 star

I loved the characters and the presentation. It is well written. And a wonderful story. Can’t wait to read the next in the series.55

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