Mine, All Mine

Mine, All Mine Summary

A duke’s daughter in hiding. An ex-spy blinded by desire. Is it treason or true love?<br>
Lady Lillian must abandon her decadent life to hide from her stepfather who wants to use her as the scapegoat for the ultimate sin against England.<br>
Her years of playing in the kitchen as a child has paid off and she's found work as a cook’s assistant in the house of the Earl of Redwick, a man she’s never met in society. But her refuge is not as safe as it seems. When she finally meets the master of the house, she discovers the new Earl of Redwick could be a danger to her masquerade... and her heart.<br>
As a second son, Dominic never expected to inherit, but now he must adapt to life as a gentleman of leisure, and he hates it. His days of spying for the crown are over, except for one last secret mission right here in London. Find the missing daughter of a duke and her traitor stepfather.<br>
But Lady Lillian isn't <i>missing</i>; she’s hiding right under his nose as his lovely new cook’s assistant. To bring her stepfather to justice, Dominic needs Lilly’s help. Can he resist temptation and keep his focus on the mission or will his growing attraction to Lilly put both their lives at risk? <br>
Mine, All Mine is book 1 of the Fated for Love Regency Romance Series. If you like intrigue, suspense, adventure, and sizzling romance, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s debut novel.<br>
Download Mine, All Mine to discover this page turning series today!<br>

Book Reviews


Mine all mine3 star

A good story line and characters. The book should be rated in some fashion for the explicit sex scenes.35


Mine all mine.3 star

Good read and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next book.35


Cute Story5 star

A quick and enjoyable read55

Plus ben

Best Romance book5 star

This book was very interesting and fun because it was about romantic couple getting with there approval55


3 1/2 stars3 star

Entertaining, fast-paced.35

Nancy Renee

Mine All Mine5 star

I loved this book, Lilly and Don were just wonderful characters and I loved all of them.55


Mine, all Mine5 star

Loved it!55


Loved5 star



Beautiful story5 star

I enjoyed this book very much. True love happens a lot. It happened to me 63 years ago. I met my husband in San Diego where he was stationed on the USS Ajax. I believe it was love at first sight. We were together over 57 years. I lost him 5 years ago.55


Poor development1 star

Just not very good15

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