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My Ántonia tells the stories of several immigrant families who move out to rural Nebraska to start new lives in America, with a particular focus on a Bohemian family, the Shimerdas, whose eldest daughter is named Ántonia. The book’s narrator, Jim Burden, arrives in the fictional town of Black Hawk, Nebraska, on the same train as the Shimerdas, as he goes to live with his grandparents after his parents have died. Jim develops strong feelings for Ántonia, something between a crush and a filial bond, and the reader views Ántonia’s life, including its attendant struggles and triumphs, through that lens.

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Johnny politico

My Antonia5 star

At once clear, plain, straightforward, subtly but deeply emotional with an overwhelming sense of sentimentality that delivers hope as well as contentment, this simple book is a mighty accomplishment. It is one the great achievements of America, and a book that will have you feeling you know all these people or that you want to know them, that they are your friends and family and that you are all on the road together and will be forever. It is a book you will finish, be glad that you started and want to read again.55


Reading the whole thing is to the end is worthwhile.5 star

High School Opinion: I had to read this for Summer, and I found the plot a bit here and there, not much to anticipate after each page turned. Pairing this book with an audiobook makes the experience a lot better. I LOVED the ending. Everything finally ties in, with Cather making sense of all that she finely details within the middle of the book, the lives of each of them finally drawing to a successful close and the story goes full circle. The end is worth the wait!55

Tiny Wings is Better!

My Antonio5 star

Wondering if anyone else finds a good book even more enjoyable when in a beautiful setting... In the middle of a vacation in Cabo, Mexico great views of the water, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling of Willa Cather, particularly her descriptions of the Nebraska praries, and the families with their close ties to the land. Willa Cather's books contain beautiful stories, unforgettable characters and deep insights into human nature. Regarding character development, I believe Antonio, Jim and Antonia's father are more full of life than most people you encounter in 2016. But what happened to Jim's grandmother and grandfather once they moved to town? So little was written and they were major characters. I thought Grandmother and Grandfather were so good in their charity to Antonia's family. Also, both grandparents seemed like they could forgive "seventy times seven." In reading the classics, you definitely get the idea that the average person had an active conscience in the early 1900s. I just recently finished Death Comes for the Archbishop, and I believed it must have been Cather's magnum opus. It really surprised me to discover My Antonia is another home run. Looking at the two books, I believe you have to read both. I am a Catholic, lover of nature , who lives in the southwest so I really enjoyed Archbishop. Yet I am the granddaughter of an Iowa farmer, so My Antonia was another perfect fit. My Antonia presents beautiful themes including the importance of family and friends, our obligations to help the less fortunate, and the beauty of being connected to the land. Read both books and see if one or both of them lands on your list of favorite books.55

F..kyounickname taken

My Antonia5 star

This is one of those works of fiction that is of a timelessness. This is of the high quality of art that invokes those special sensory images we all have. Like twinkling of the stars in "Starry Night" or branches moving in the wind caught when you do that double-take when you first glimpse a land scape done by one of the great artist. My Antonia is an unsentimental nostalgia piece of an innocence in childhood that makes you do the double-take and long for that time in your own childhood. Thank you Willa Cather. Thank you very much.55

Rifat Sajid

Good book!5 star

This is a really good book. I read it last year, and loved it! It's one of those slightly sad and happy stories. I would definitely recommend this to any one!55


Marvelous5 star

What a precious thing was to read this book. You will be delighted and enchanted. It is so poetic, so vivid, so well-written! You will love it!55


Paints a picture5 star

The words wove a tapestry of images so vivid I felt transported to pioneer days... The message of life was a simple statement if how it is... Accepting it without expounding or dissecting it. It made me connect with my own childhood to my years now as a grandmother... And made me ever so grateful to have been blessed with Antonia's treasure... A large family! Life is.55


Good read4 star

Would not call this the best book ever, but a good, interesting read. Not entirely sure why the author is not Jim Burden, but beyond that the story is a good tale of friendship and childhood innocence.45


Time travel...5 star

The immigrant experience circa early 1900's Nebraska.. Fascinating..55


Like5 star

Liked it55

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