Rogue Countess

Rogue Countess Summary

Betrayed and forced into marriage, the Countess of Blackbourne will never forgive the husband who abandoned her.

After eight long years away, the Earl of Blackbourne, Jude Sinclair returns to England with one purpose; to find his wife and end his farce of a marriage. Hardened and cynical from his self-imposed exile, he is shocked to experience a fierce attraction to the woman his wife has become. But even that will not alter his plan to finally be free of her.

Clever and determined, Anna Locke is the successful owner of the finest Thoroughbred stables in Britain. Threatened by a blackmailer desperate to ensure Jude never learns the true circumstances of their marriage, Anna must choose between fighting against her husband or fighting for him.

With a past tangled in lies, Anna and Jude's marriage becomes a battleground as passionate anger slides too easily into bold desire. Can they overcome mutual distrust to destroy a long-held secret before it destroys them?

Book Reviews

C Conti

Rogue Countess5 star

What a fabulous story, I could not put it down. The characters were so good I could feel everything.55


A reckless read5 star

Wow, these characters clashed from the first. A true regency romance from start to finish. A very emotional, humorous and nail biting book.55


Rogue countess5 star

I thought the book was very well thought out. Surprised in some places. And some not. I would definitely recommend this book.55


Love3 star

Loved this story, the characters and how the woman saves the day for a change.35

i luv reading

Rogue Countess4 star

This love story includes plot twists that were unexpected and well written.45


Rogue countess3 star

So - - so. Ok read.35


Wife accepts blame for husband’s abuse—1 star

I thoroughly disliked the hero as he was an immature, hypocritical bully who evidenced no growth or remorse until the last couple of pages of the story. While I initially liked the heroine, I grew to dislike her as the story progressed; rather than having the heroine forgive her husband after he had earned such, she instead accepted blame for her husband’s transgressions & practically begged for him to love her. Disgusting.15

1966 hNS

Lovely protagonist4 star

Wonderful tension and likable characters45


Loved the book...4 star

But the ending left a lot to be desired, thus the four stars.45

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