Stolen by a Pirate

Stolen by a Pirate Summary

A pirate and a high-born maiden, brought together by an ancient sword…

Dashing French pirate Jean-Philippe Beauvisage revels in a life of complete freedom…until the night at a ball in Georgian London, when a Russian beauty quietly steals his heart.

Heartbroken Antonia Varyshkova, who has lost her parents and her home in a St. Petersburg fire, stops in London en route to a new life with her brother in Colonial America. When her arrogant ship’s captain, Tobias Ormond, insists that she attend a ball with him, Antonia reluctantly agrees.

The instant connection between Jean-Philippe and Antonia is soul-deep, but it seems that there cannot be a future for them. She sails off to America and he returns to his corsair's life at sea…until an ancient Roman sword which may be cursed forces Beauvisage to chase down the very ship carrying the woman he loves.

Set sail on the high seas of 1749 and hold on tight for a love story you’ll never forget!

STOLEN BY A PIRATE (originally titled Heart of Fragile Stars) is the novella-length prequel to RESCUED BY A ROGUE 

Rakes & Rebels: The Beauvisage Family:
1 – STOLEN BY A PIRATE: a novella prequel to RESCUED BY A ROGUE (Jean-Philippe & Antonia)
2 – RESCUED BY A ROGUE (Alec & Caro)
3 – TOUCH THE SUN (Lion & Meagan)
4 – SPRING FIRES (Nicholai & Lisette)

Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family:
1 – SILVER STORM (André & Devon)
2 - HER HUSBAND, THE RAKE: a novella sequel to SILVER STORM (André & Devon)
3 – SMUGGLER’S MOON (Sebastian & Julia)
4 – THE SECRET OF LOVE (Gabriel & Isabella)
5 - SURRENDER THE STARS (Ryan & Lindsay)
6 - HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE (Justin & Mouette)
7 - HIS RECKLESS BARGAIN (Nathan & Adrienne)
8 - TEMPEST (Adam & Cathy)

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