The Duke and I

The Duke and I Summary

Widowed Nicolas Westfall, the Duke of Stapleton, cannot prevent the upcoming debut for his youngest daughter no matter how much he wishes her eventual marriage wouldn’t leave him all alone. Convinced to host a Christmas Ball to prepare her for the season, he’s aware he’s considered a catch on the marriage mart too, but Nicolas is drawn to companion Gillian Thorpe instead. 

Gillian was hired to prepare the duke’s daughter for her first season, but its not easy when the girl hasn’t the least interest in the men and the widowed father makes her knees weak when he laughs with her. Gillian respects and admires (perhaps too frequently) the Duke of Stapleton and when she’s lured into a mistletoe kiss with him, will she be able to stop at one or even want to? 

A steamy regency romance.

Saints and Sinners Series: 
Book 1: The Duke and I (Nicolas and Gillian)
Book 2: A Gentleman’s Vow (Gideon and Jessica)
Book 3: An Earl of Her Own (Adam and Rebecca)
Book 4: The Lady Tamed 

Book Reviews


Fun novella. Needs editing.3 star

Short and sweet. I enjoyed the story overall. But what I will never understand is how a regency author messes up things that are so easily Googles. A duke is never Lord Title. His duchess is never Lady Title. His grace and her grace. Your grace. The duke and duchess of title. A duke’s daughter is not Mrs. Lastname even if she is married to a gentleman unless she chooses to be. And someone like Rebecca would never choose to forgo her courtesy title. So she’s remain Lady Rebecca forever unless she married a titled gentleman and because Lady Title. Also. Why would Jessica call her sister Mrs Warner. And why was mrs Warner lame times referred to in narration as Mrs. Warner and sometimes just Rebecca. It was confusing. Speaking of confusing: just how many kids did the duke have. And why not make Gillian a bit older? He doesn’t want his ten years his junior friend with his daughter who is ten years younger than Gillian. But it’s okay for him to be with Gillian? Like I said. Needs editing. Needs a basic Google search on title etiquette. And needs consistency in references and more explanation.35


The Duke And I4 star

Lots of dialogue kept me interested. Doubt dukes ever realistically married beneath them but it made for a very good romance. Book was kept light and fast paced. Short easy and enjoyable story.45

Judi V R

A Happy Tale5 star

Written in a style that keeps one wanting to turn the pages faster to reveal what will transpire . The relationship between the duke and Gideon would seem far fetching except it all seemed to fall in a comfortable space. By the end I found myself cheering them on to a "happy ever after"ending!55

1966 hNS

Light read4 star

Interesting characters, surprising protagonist45


3.53 star

Well written, somewhat dull.35


The Duke and I5 star

Quick read. Enjoyable and uplifting55

monkey dune

The Duke and I5 star

Very lovely I enjoyed it very much55

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