The Executions

The Executions Summary

From an award-winning author and Choctaw storyteller comes a riveting tale set in turn-of-the-century Indian Territory.

Who would show up for their own execution?

1892, Indian Territory. A war brews in the Choctaw Nation as two political parties grapple between old tradition and evolving issues—with eighteen-year-old Choctaw Ruth Ann Teller caught in the middle.

In a small but booming pre-statehood town, Ruth Ann's mixed blood family owns a controversial newspaper, the Choctaw Tribune, infamous for its dedication to unbiased truth. Ruth Ann wants to help spread the word about critical issues, but there is danger for a female reporter on all fronts—socially, politically, even physically.

But is the truth worth dying for? When this quest leads Ruth Ann and her brother Matthew, the stubborn editor of the fledgling Choctaw Tribune, to the farm of a condemned murderer, it also brings them to head on clashes with leading townsmen who want their reports about what really happened silenced no matter what.
With the execution fast approaching, truth itself is on the line. When the dust has settled, who will survive to know the truth? And can the truth itself survive when all else is lost?

The Executionsis a story of friendship, faith, and family in a gritty western setting with characters that fight for truth against all odds.

"Among the many pleasures of Sarah Elisabeth's writing are her attention to character, language, and period detail. In The Executions, a story grounded in history and the complexities of pre-statehood Oklahoma, she brings to life, with great heart, the compelling mix of cultures, faith, and political intrigue in the old Choctaw Nation. An intriguing read."—Rilla Askew, author of The Mercy Seat

About the Choctaw Tribune series:

The Choctaw Tribuneseries lets you explore the old Choctaw Nation with Matthew and Ruth Ann Teller, a Choctaw brother and sister pair who own a newspaper called the Choctaw Tribune. They're in the midst of shootouts and tribal upheavals with the coming Dawes Commission in the 1890s. These changes in Indian Territory threaten everything they've known and force them to decide if they are going to take a stand for truth, even in the face of death.

A historical fiction series with a Western flair, the Choctaw Tribune explores racial, political, spiritual, and social issues in the old Choctaw Nation—and beyond.

Books in the series:
1. The Executions
2. Traitors
3. Shaft of Truth
4. Sovereign Justice

Book Reviews


The executions4 star

I hope my old friend the Choctaw is still alive. I know Torchee is only alive in memory: beautiful, sitting straight in fringe and a headband, quiet. Both History, not historical fiction, but they both appear to me from the pages of your book; I hope to write the fact as well as you write the story.45


The Executions4 star

Excellent story.45

i luv reading

The Executions5 star

A well told historical novel from a source not often credited. Ladies points of view, and religious story angles were to few. The well rounded facts enabled by the newspaper premise, allowed the history to mix with love, family from multiple generations, religion, and power plays. The ‘good against evil’ aspect was also part of the story line.55

Mangy Ranger

Educational and Enjoyable5 star

This fictional tale is told with rich, well developed characters provides an entertaining trip through the period it covers in the history of the Choctaw Nation. It is a story well told -definitely worth reading.55

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