The Governor's Daughter

The Governor's Daughter Summary

Cathryn Blankenship has no desire for a season in London! Why on earth would her father want her to leave her home in Charles Town? Upon Cathryn's steadfast refusal, Governor Blankenship is forced to assign a young lieutenant to watch over Cathryn on the journey and ensure his daughter's appearance in London. Cathryn finds Lieutenant Jake Pennington the most aggravating, maddening man she has ever met...a man Cathryn soon admits she is in no hurry to see leave.

But fate has other plans for her in a world she is ill prepared to enter. She descends into a place where love and betrayal go hand and hand, where greed and treachery are second nature, but moreover the threat her father believes he has sent her is awaiting her arrival. When fate tears her apart from her Lieutenant, Cathryn finds herself desolate and alone. Soon, Cathryn makes fateful decisions that will send her back to her home.

A home far different than the one she left. A war rages. Soon, she discovers her life is in danger and the only one that can save her is the one who left her heartbroken. 

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Historical romance USA/England Revolution4 star

Interesting and unique character development. Paced a bit too distractedly I felt.45

hate waits!

The Governor’s Daughter3 star

Not badly written, but too many editorial mistakes that detracted from the book. For instance: phantom instead of fathom, Tracy at times instead of Tacy, Catlyn, instead of Cathryn....or a passage that read “had looked like of the Duke..”. Or a sentence beginning...”Being of the opinion....”. You get the picture. I think that the writer has potential but needs to learn how to flesh out her characters more thoroughly as well.35


The Governors Daughter5 star

A great story that carries the reader through so many unexpected twists and turns. The authors amazing use of words as descriptive tools allowed the reader to experience, feel and understand the happiness, sadness and pain of the characters. While I always enjoying reading regency books I can honestly say I would not want to live in that era.... but, I guess there are those who would say living in this era leaves a lot to be desired.55


Painfully slow read2 star

This story was incredibly slow moving and long to read. It annoys me when an author splits into 2-3 books a story that could easily have been one book, however, this story should have been split into at least two books. Despite there being a twist in the story seemingly every third page it just sluggishly limped along for 500+ pages (at the font size I have set). On top of that, Cathryn never grew as a person as the story progressed. She constantly ran away from her problems instead of confronting and dealing with them and let her anger rule all decisions. She was a very immature character and she became more annoying to me as the story unfolded. I kept thinking of this book as a Gone with the Wind wannabe complete with the southern plantation, war and love life drama. Wasn’t my cup of tea.25

Hope in Gulfport

Great book with lots5 star

Of twists and turns. Will read more of her books!!55

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