The Hummingbird and the Sea

The Hummingbird and the Sea Summary

How far will a person go to gain freedom?
When Samuel Bellamy, an enigmatic Englishman on the run from the Crown, seeks refuge in Eastham, Massachusetts, the life of Maria Hallett begins to tragically unravel. Stepping outside the boundaries of her pious and unforgiving Puritan community, she faces censure and judgement from her family and church. 
Eventually Maria is pushed to the limits of her sanity when a trusted, childhood friend betrays her in the most heinous and violent of ways. 
Based on the true story of pirate “Black Sam” Bellamy, The Hummingbird and the Sea is a powerful tale of love, faith, hidden passions and the eternal search for freedom. Perfect for fans of Outlander and Hour of the Witch.

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Jenniecat 1

Interesting5 star

It made me wonder about the people in the story and their relationship.55


The Hummingbird and the Sea5 star

What a hard life in the “olden, olden” days. Good story55

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