The Stationmaster's Cottage

The Stationmaster's Cottage Summary

Christie Ryan is happy in her life... or so she tells herself. Despite a tragic childhood, she has built a satisfying career and loves her city apartment. But deep down she yearns for a simpler life. Family. A garden. And a place to heal her heart.

The decision to attend a funeral in a town she's never heard of throws her safe world into disarray, exposing the cracks in her life. As she deals with the fallout, Christie moves into a rundown cottage she's inherited and there, makes a discovery.

...fifty years ago, a heartbroken young artist waited each dawn on a jetty for his true love to return. And each night, he wrote her a love letter...

What Christie uncovers will change her life forever.

The Stationmaster's Cottage will sweep you to the past and back with a love story to fill your heart and a mystery to thrill your mind.

Book Reviews


Loved the storyline5 star

I loved all the secrets and mystery. With a love story too!55


A story of lost love4 star

Great story. Kept me enthralled to the end.45


❤️What A Love Story!!!❤️5 star

This had me feeling a rollercoaster of emotions! I was angry, sad and frustrated with some of the characters in this book. But what’s a good story, without a tugging at our humanity?! The ending made my cry…I loved it!55


Lovely story5 star

I really enjoyed unraveling what was going on with the different characters in this story. I am eager to continue the rest of this series! It was a very enjoyable read.55


Spell binding5 star

Every word of it!55


unexpected5 star

i don’t rate books but this has got to be the best book i have read in years. love from the past and future with so much mystery. from first word to last it kept me interested55


The stationmasters Cottage5 star

Oh my what a story. It kept my interest till the end I absolutely loved it. So many turns, so much suspense. Just kept getting better . Thank you so much. ♥️’d it This was this was the second time reading this book and I so recommend it be read.55


Stationmaster’s Cottage5 star

Excellent! A real page turner!55


Well written5 star

The author was clearly focused while writing this book, making it a great read.55


Great Book!5 star

It was hard to put down - wonderful happy love story!55

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