The Wedding Affair

The Wedding Affair Summary

Coming face-to-face with the scoundrel who broke her heart on the eve of her wedding to another man could not be more awkward or ill-timed for Lady Sally Ford. When she accepted London’s most eligible earl, she hoped her heart had healed enough to learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was once engaged to an ambitious sea captain who betrayed her, and Sally has never forgotten or forgiven Captain Hastings for leaving her behind as he made his fortune at sea.

When Felix answered the urgent summons from his superior, he never expected to face his angry first and only love about to marry an earl or to discover he has the support of her family to get in her way. With no expectation of winning her back, Felix finally has a chance to clear the air about the past. But with every argument and stolen moment, their former passion reignites as if it had never waned. Is there a chance to begin again and forgive each other when they must part any day?

Rebel Hearts Series:
Book 1: The Wedding Affair (Felix and Sally)
Book 2: An Affair of Honor (William and Matilda)
Book 3: The Christmas Affair (Harper and Amy)
Book 4: An Affair so Right (Quinn and Theodora)

Book Reviews


Wedding Affair4 star

Decent book. Felix comes back to claim his lost love just in time before she marries another man. Classic romance.45


Well Written5 star

There was no awkward imagery as seen in many romances and there were some truly lovely passages that made my heart pang. I also appreciated the pacing and that the main characters denial about their feelings early on was not overly drawn out.55

Fan from AZ

The Wedding Affair5 star

Loves the book, all parts, all characters.55


Azarel5 star


Bee Bee 54

The Wedding Affair4 star

This was a good read. The characters were well developed and the story was doled out in such a way that you didn’t want to put it down because you needed to see if what you thought was coming was correct or not.45


Good Book5 star

I enjoyed this book and as a Navy wife for 19 years. It was interesting as I never had to fight to marry someone else, but our stay at home took all those years and his many trips at sea. Our love journey lasted 57 years.55


Good story3 star

Good story. Good characters. Especially Felix and the duke. Sally could be quite annoying. While the writing was awkward at times, overall story pulled you in enough to not care (much). With some editing and a better cover, this could be great.35


The wedding affair5 star

This story is very good, I really enjoyed reading it very much and truly recommend this book to everyone, it has very sweet romance in it and very interesting characters, thank you very much for writing this book55

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