Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin Summary

The story focuses on the tale of Uncle Tom, a long suffering black slave, the central character around whose life the other characters.

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Amazing!5 star

Best book I’ve read in a long time!55

inGratitudeForBooksLike This

Uncle Tom’s Cabin3 star

An Amazing piece of literature!! A book every American needs to read. So relevant in our modern history!!! I originally decided to read this book to find out why the phrase “Don’t be an Uncle Tom“. Never quite understood the reference . I could have looked it up on the Internet but I rather thought, I’ll read the book and find out for myself. My oh my! So glad I did. The negative connotation of “Don’t be an Uncle Tom“ does such a disservice to the profound and essential message of this book! I’m no youngster with advanced degrees and this may be one of the most impactful and best books I have ever read!!!35

young doctor david

Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

Easy to see how this book stirred the antebellum American populace. Supposedly when President Lincoln meet Harriet Beecher Stowe he said, " So you're the little lady who started the war."55

mountain cherry

Historically significant3 star

I rated this book far higher than warranted by the quality of the writing because of its historical significance as an effort by a white woman to describe the plight of the enslaved persons of African descent in the U.S. including not only those supporting slavery but also the hypocrisy of anti-slavery persons in New England and elsewhere. Language is unacceptable today and most descriptions of African Americans seems quite cliched. Also seems the author supported the Liberian solution (former slaves should return to Africa). Author observed and credited the intelligence of slaves, former slaves and free blacks and supported the need to educate and to support education of this group, not a vision shared by most in her society.35


Christian propaganda2 star

So many pages are filled with bible verses. Maybe it is just a reflection of that time but it felt like the author was trying to get me to become a Christian. Having faith is nice but this was just over the top for me. The characters were interesting but I really just stuck with it to the end since it is considered a literary classic. It’s really not a book that I would recommend. (And why did Stowe have the same name for some characters??)25

nikki schumacher

Beautiful.5 star

One of the best books of al time. I wish people would read it before calling people Uncle Tom as an insult. If they read it they would not call people that.55

stayed home

Uncle toms cabin5 star

It is a page turner. I had to read straight through the last 200 or so pages.55

MaryAlice 06

A WORK OF ART!5 star

One of the greatest books I have ever read or ever will read! I would rate as second best book in the world, only being topped by the the Holy Bible!55


Uncle Tom’s Cabin4 star

A classic for sure to re-ignite the fire of injustices faced by African Americans then and now. Thank you Harriet Beecher Stowe for paving the way for millions to find freedom and for your spark...45


A Picture Into the Struggle5 star

This is a great insight into the plight of slavery. Great as a historical read and a read to inform us on how to act in the future, reconciling the wrongs of slavery.55

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