War and Peace

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Perhaps literature’s greatest epic, War and Peacetells an astonishingly ambitious, profoundly personal, and vastly extensive story of Russia in the age of Napoleon. A work of historical fiction that is at times a romance and at times an adventure, Leo Tolstoy’s novel is, simply put, too big to fit into any literary genre. It features a cast of hundreds, yet paints intimate portraits of their intersecting lives as they move between prosperity and despair. The actions shifts back and forth between Moscow, the city of the people, and the decadent St. Petersburg; and shifts from royal ballrooms to brutal battlefields. Few writers have ever attempted to create a work so massive in scope and complex in themes, and none have succeeded quite the way Tolstoy has.

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Peanuts5 star

Charlie Brown mentioned this book in the Peanuts Movie. That was funny.55


Ñ5 star

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Just. Wow.5 star

Wow. Historical fiction, philosophy, economics, religion. This book was so much more than I ever imagined it could be. You MUST read this book before you die.55

riley tatum

War and peace3 star

This book is actually boring and confusing I love how long it is but it is a confusing choice35


War and Peace5 star

The story is definitely one that you can read if your aiming to go to bed soon. If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, read it at your free time. If you’ve got time however, that’s spectacular. I personally really enjoyed the book and for other readers who have read the book, I recommend Harry Potter. Although it is not as advanced, it is a very nice book series. For all my “i’ve already read harry potter” fans, read on!55


Amazing5 star



Teaches you5 star



Highly recommended5 star

Even though I am in 6th grade , I loved it. My parents didn't think I would but it was amazing. Tolstoy's use of description is perfect.55


War and Peace4 star

I am now a person who can say he has read War and Peace. Tada.45


War and Peace5 star

One of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. A classic anti war book as well as a look at the Russian aristocracy of the early 19th century.55

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