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Traces the history of the wars in Vietnam from the Chinese in BC to the United States in the 1960-70s

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Review5 star

Very informative, with a mostly objective point of view.55


Worth Reading5 star

Great book for anyone who interested in why America was involved in Vietnam.55

Stephen Maturin

Excellent!5 star

Writen in a simple manner, clear and to the point. Though it is a bit thin on certain details, for example, the Importance of the american people not supporting the sacrifice made by the young soldiers which were drawn into that quagmire which was not their fault, is left a bit understated. Society can not support a war for any number of reasons. But to blame the grunts while sitting in front of the tv sets is cruel. Otherwise, is a good book to those who are still trying to understand the Viet Nam experience, if that could ever be understood.55


In Vietnam4 star

We severely underestimated the people of North and South Vietnam. We Americans can’t fight and win in these 3rd world, tribalistic countries. This book reassured me how Vietnams society of corruption kept us from beating NLF. Now we’re involved in Afganastan and leaving with the same results as Vietnam how crazy is that. Good factual book. I. Morales45


Worth the time5 star

Very good book. There a quite a few grammar and spelling errors but it was still an enjoyable read.55


Enlightening without burdening4 star

I read this book during a flight from Houston to Reno. It was easy on the eyes of this weary traveler and it kept my attention which can be flighty (no pun intended). The overview of Vietnam's history as a people constantly at war was interesting. Reading it felt like a good Wikipedia article. The information and it's depth was adequate without drowning me in so many details I wouldn't know what to remember. The commentary on the war and the social setting of America is an old story now but this book was written in 1985 when the wounds of the war were still fresh and painful. Despite it's age, the text here in the book is just as relevant today as it was back in 1985. Politics, war, and soldiers are always a potent mixture. It works when there is trust and honesty. Without that we have problems. I enjoyed reading this book and I wouldn't mind recommending if someone was looking for a quick and easy-on-a-tired-traveler read.45


Thanks5 star

I served in Vietnam 69-70, I found the book to be very informative and well written. Good job, thanks,55

Yang Hou

In Vietnam5 star

I was shot down over Vietnam while piloting an F4 and spent three years in a POW camp. This is the first book I've read that explains the political dynamics of the conflict and the US duplicity.55


Clear, concise and a good read.4 star

I learned a lot. Highly recommend but don't let the mountains of type-o's put you off. Apparently he had no publisher (or his publisher was a third grader) but that isn't the author's fault. Really informative.45

AZ Grandparent

Brief and not thorough3 star

I had some problems with some of the stuff in this book. What about the payment that was agreed to be paid for the rebuilding of North Vietnam in exchange for our POWs? The sensors used to monitor the Ho Chi Minh trail were effective in the time that I was there--1968-1970. What about the POWs that never did make it home? What about the sites and activity in Laos that even though they were not admitted to, actually did exist? What about our government refusal to admit or do anything about the POWs we left behind? This is a very ripe subject with me and I don't believe in treating it lightly.35

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