World History in Twelve Hops 1: Dinosaurs

World History in Twelve Hops 1: Dinosaurs Summary

Young Charlie Watts has to give a speech tomorrow in history class. It’s past his bedtime, he’s tired, and he hasn’t written any of his speech beyond the heading. It’s not looking good. But then he notices a strange book on his shelf...

Little does Charlie know that he’s about to have the most amazing adventure of his life. He’ll dodge dinosaurs; ride a chariot in the Ancient Olympics; trade with merchants on the Silk Road; see Tenochtitlan, capital city of the Aztec Empire; play lacrosse with Native Americans, and meet famous people like Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Dickens.

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Book Reviews


Broken Links1 star

This would be a great idea if the links actually worked, so many kids would love books like this, hope they can get the links back up and working.15


Dinosaurs for toddles1 star

I thought it would have more pictures!!15


sounds good but nothing works1 star

this book reads ok but when it comes to the puzzle working it does not. so right off hand I am not very impressed. but the story is pretty good, just without the puzzle working not worth the money.15

Dee Rophael

Dinosaurs4 star


The Elves

Doesn't work!2 star

I downloaded the book and when I tried to use the link at the beginning of the book to open the puzzle in my browser it freezes. I have tried deleting the book and downloading again but without success . Please fix the problem Update; I finally got the puzzle to work but now I find that there are books missing! I have book #s 1,2,3,4,6,and 7 where is book 5 and books 8 through 12 ? My 6 year old grandson is really enjoying the books And I will gladly give them 5 stars when the rest of the books become available.25

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